Watering Marijuana and PH of Marijuana

Watering your Marijuana

watering your marijuana

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Water, water everywhere – but just how much do your marijuana plants need? On page 191 you’ll find out how to tell exactly how much water your plants are asking for

  • If you want a smoke that doesn’t leave you feeling hung-over, you need to know exactly what time of day to water your plants. The answer is on page 192
  • Discover how to make certain all your watering is not in vain by taking one specific action during the first watering session with a new group of plants
  • Be safe, not sorry, how to make doubly sure that you don’t splash water on your bulbs
  • Put an end to confusion about when to give more water
  • The haves and have nots; it’s not unusual for some plants in a crop to take all the water, leaving others gasping with thirst. You don’t want to do that do you? Read page 193 and you won’t do that
  • Recognize whether those drooping marijuana leaves indicate over or under watering
  • Learn about the importance of water temperature and whether you should be offering icy water or hot water (or just warm water)
  • Surprise yourself when you find out the truth about the effect of tap-water chlorine on your weed
  • Watering techniques – discover the best
  • Get information about lift-the-pot watering methods
  • What to do about drooping leaves when your aim is to produce light but sticky buds
  • Gain an understanding of the Elite Water concept and how elite water leads to choice cannabis
  • Find out what to use instead of tap water if you’re looking for a hang-over free smoke

How to Grow Weed with Reverse Osmosis

Remember learning about osmosis in school? Well, unless you can access that memory with accuracy, you’ll need the information in this section of How to Grow Weed

  • Find out if distilled water will help you produce a champion crop
  • Gain an appreciation of dissolved solids and how they might interfere with your plants’ uptake of nutrients
  • What are the facts about purified water and should you be using it?

Determining the right pH in the Soil

The pH topic leaves many newbies floundering – well those newbies who don’t have access to How to Grow Weed anyway. But if you want to produce a winning crop this is a subject you simply must master. The painless pH chapter has been written with specific attention paid to making the subject easily understandable. While it’s true that the entire book has been written with simplicity in mind it’s especially important with the more technical topics. So, Riley holds your hand as he walks you through:

  • The low down on pH: what it is and why it’s important
  • How to effortlessly measure your plants’ pH and get accurate results every time
  • Find out where to get a pH meter and which one is best for the task at hand
  • Consult the table provided to find out how the nutrient you’ve just given effects the plant’s pH – then you won’t panic when the level is off the chart
  • Discover easy ways of raising or lowering p H levels
  • Find out what the right pH level is for your plants on page 205
  • How to stop peaks and troughs in pH levels thus giving your weed plants some stability as they go about providing your bud
  • Use organic methods to adjust and maintain pH levels

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