Transplanting Marijuana

The Dummy’s Guide to Marijuana Transplantation

guide to marijuana transplantation

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Transplantation time holds a great deal of anxiety for many new weed-growers and, it has to be said, it is vital that you get things right at this crucial growth stage. This section of How to Grow Weed has been written with the express intent of replacing anxiety with knowledge – and confidence always results in a better product!

The reason this is such an important chapter in the life of your plants is this: when your tiny seedlings get beyond a particular size they outgrow the space available; they simply become too big for their pots. If you don’t move them to a new container at the right time, the roots can’t grow, which means the plant can’t grow either. As a general rule of thumb, there is as much of your plant below the surface as there is above the surface. Moving to more roomy containers will allow room for the roots to grow – and if what is above mirrors what is below, it becomes obvious that you want the roots to grow as much as possible.

So, you need to understand:

  • When your plant is ready to be transplanted and how to time the transplantation to perfection; on page 172 that is exactly what you will learn
  • The best environment for the formation of a flourishing root system
  • The most favorable time to transplant to reduce time spent by the plant in recovery shock; this information is fundamental to producing high yielding, top quality plants
  • How to feed your newly transplanted marijuana plants

Starting Marijuana Seedlings in Plastic Cups

Drainage holes – yes, you read that right – drainage holes can be the key to a successful crop. I f you don’t have them or if you allow them to become blocked, the weed’s roots will become soggy, go rotten, and die. That is way, on page 173 of How to Grow Weed you will find discussion and instructions about, well, drainage holes.

However, if successful marijuana growing was all about drainage holes and nothing else, everybody would be doing it well and there would be no need for eBooks such as this. So in this section of the book you will find out:

  • How to set out your grow room, with your containers spaced to induce and ensure quickly growing buds
  • The best transplant time
  • A long held secret method that promises you will only have to transplant once. That has to be a good thing, doesn’t it, given that transplanting your fresh green seedlings could be the act that turns success into failure almost before you begin?
  • It makes sense to get transplanting right first time, so the transplanting step-by-step primer on page 175 is precisely what you need
  • What is the number one container that promises you marijuana transplantation success – page 175 has the answer
  • Your plants’ immediate post-transplantation needs must be met if they are not to die. Find out exactly what it is that your weed is crying out for at this time
  • How to maximize soil-grown marijuana root growth to produce trichome heavy buds
  • Yet another veteran trade secret reveals how to make sure that oxygen and water filtration in your soil is the best it can be. This is essential for potent pot
  • Everything you need to know about aeration – there’s not much on this planet that can live without oxygen, and marijuana roots are no exception to that rule

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