This CBD Company is Bringing all the Benefits of Cannabidiol to Australia

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Benefits of Cannabidiol to Australia

While CBD products in Australia have been subject to tighter regulations than those in place in the United States and Western Europe, a few customers have been established in the country to provide legal and effective cannabidiol products nationwide. Based in the city of Melbourne, Down to Earth has an online shop with tenths of different products including CBD tinctures, vape oils, topicals and even pet treats.

CBD oil dispensaries are still subject to restrictions by Australian law, and therefore the only solution for customers is to place online orders and have the products delivered to their addresses. Down to Earth offers 2-3 working days shipping anywhere from Perth to Sidney as well as neighboring New Zealand.

Which CBD Products are Available in Australia?

With the wide range of beneficial properties that CBD has proven to have, it does not come as a surprise that their demand is high in Australia. Down to Earth’s online catalog contains not only sublingual tinctures but also MCT-infused oils which provide higher degrees of bioavailability and make the effects of cannabidiol last longer in the body.

CBD oil for pain in Australia can be purchased in a wide range of flavors and concentrations. While it is true that sublingual administration is the most effective, these tinctures can also be mixed with foods and meals, making their consumption easy and seamless.

However, Down to Earth’s CBD edibles are also widely popular among customers. Their chocolates are liked for their taste and their mild concentrations of pure, high-quality cannabidiol. The company’s “Full Defence Honey”, on the other hand, combines the benefits of pure CBD with natural honey and cinnamon to promote sleep, boost your immune system and fight any infections and oxidative acids.

Finally, CBD edibles are also available for anyone who suffers from pain, sore muscles and other localized conditions arising from either chronic ailments or injuries. While sublingual oils and edibles have to pass through the entire digestive system and be digested before effectively reducing pain, cannabidiol ointments and creams can provide almost immediate relief.

Down to Earth’s CBD topicals contain not only the beneficial properties of organic hemp plants, but also natural essences such as arnica, peppermint, juniper and geranium. Upon application, they provide the skin with a sense of freshness and a wonderful aroma along with an increased effectiveness in their pain-relieving effects.


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