Soil vs. Pots, which is ideal for growing marijuana outdoors?

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Have you thought of where your cannabis plants will stay through the entire cycle? One of the major concerns for first-time outdoor growers is if cannabis plants are going to grow in a pot, or out in the open soil. There are pro and cons regarding each method.

The choice to grow in pots or to plant directly in soil has zero impact on the quality or yield of the final product. It all goes down to personal lifestyle and preference. You can use gigantic pots outdoors to keep huge plants; on the other hand, you can grow in poor soils and end up with frail little plants.

There is no wrong or right method of doing this, but here are a few factors to help you choose a method that better suits you.

Advantages of growing outdoors using pots

Pots are ideal in the fact that, you can move the cannabis plant from one place to another. For those who strongly prefer the outdoors, this may not look like a big concern; however, that means you never have to worry about relocation issues due to a strong rainstorm, animals, bugs infestation or even prying eyes.

In addition, you can control how much the cannabis plant grows if you use a pot. If being discreet is a concern, a pot will limit the maximum growth of the plant. You can effectively foretell how wide or tall it will become.

By preferring pots, you will be in a good position of mitigating potential problems with the soil itself. Perhaps, your natural surroundings do not provide the best quality soils for marijuana; therefore, growing in pots allows you to mix amended or premium soils fit for the plant. This also allows you to have control over variables like nutrition and PH.

Disadvantages of growing outdoors using pots

By using pots, as opposed to planting directly into the farm have its own disadvantages. Marijuana plants grown in pots require much more attention, as they cannot access natural moisture and nutrients from the environment in the way plants in the farm can. Meaning, you will regularly need to nurture your plant and monitor its growth.

Restricting the growth of a marijuana plant may be a positive aspect, but it can also be a drawback if you do not get it right. Using a pot that is undersized will lead to little yields than intended; while picking oversized pots may ramp up your maintenance costs once your plants start gaining serious weight.

Lastly, if you reside in a fairly inhabited area, you may wish to consider securing your pots more. It is more vulnerable to being stolen while in a pot since the pot is easy to carry.

Advantages of planting directly in the soil

Planting directly into the ground is as natural as it gets. Think about this; the roots are free to explore the underground world, allowing the cannabis plant to grow to its maximum size. Cannabis roots can go very deep in the soil, and if they manage to get an ideal waterbed, the plant can go unattended for some time. Basically, the plant will have unlimited access to nutrients and moisture held within the soil.

The natural levels of moisture and nutrients in the soil mean the plant will require less feeding compared to the one confined in a pot.

Disadvantages in planting directly in soil  

Cannabis plants grown directly in the ground cannot be moved; and if you try moving them, you might injure the roots, resulting in a stunted growth. Too high humidity environment or strong gusts of wind can cause destruction and potentially wipe out months of hard work. If an ordinary hailstorm can dent bindings beyond repair, visualize what it could do to plants.

Another disadvantage in growing directly into the ground is that you do not have control of what is taking place on the underside. It is very difficult to keep the outdoor soil well balanced. Yes, it is possible, but it is a bit overwhelming.

Marijuana sowed directly into the soil can grow uncontrollably. This may translate to more yields; however, if you have neighbors within spitting distance, gigantic marijuana plants poke over the fence can stir some suspicion.


As you have read, there is no silver bullet. Actually, it boils down to how beneficial the pros are, or how offensive the cons are. Bottom line, do what suits your needs.


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