Possibilities seem to be endless: 12 essential products made from hemp

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Hemp may not give that feeling of euphoria or intoxicate you, but it can do quite a lot. This low-THC component of the cannabis plant has a wide range of uses, including anything from medicine to food to bricks to rope and more – somebody even manufactured a sports car out of hemp.

  1. Sunscreen

Did you know that hemp can be used to manufacture sunscreen? Hemp works as an incredible base for zinc oxide, which is known to block the sun rays. Zinc oxide found in sunscreens offers a light drying and protective effect and helps in healing skin irritations.

  1. Milk

Hemp seeds are very nourishing, and they can be used to manufacture hemp seed milk. Apparently, this milk is a perfect option for those people who do not fancy dairy, and for anybody wishing to go “green” with their diet.

  1. Beer

Hemp and beer go well together. That is because cannabis and hops are essentially botanical cousins. Currently, there are a number of breweries around the world that use hemp to manufacture cannabis-infused beer. And don’t worry about getting extremely high: the brew won’t be psychoactive, although the hemp does present it with a pleasing, weedy taste.

  1. Rope

This is among the most common use of the hemp plant. Actually, for more than 10,000 years now, people have been using hemp fibers to make various products. Rope is among the key products manufactured from hemp; and actually, it is one of the main reasons that great people like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew acres of hemp.

  1. Clothes

Similar to rope, human beings have utilizing the hemp plants’ fibrous parts to manufacture an array of textiles. To be specific, hemp can be used to manufacture fabric, which in turn can be used to produce any piece of clothing imaginable.

  1. Hempcrete

Industrial hemp can be used to manufacture a product referred to as hempcrete. Besides being strong and durable, hempcrete is a type of building material which is known to be an excellent insulator. This material provides an effective and sustainable alternative to constructing buildings.


  1. Hemp sports car

Have you heard about the renew sports car? It has been grabbing attention over the past few years since it boasts of a body manufactured out of hemp. The car design remarkably uses hemp fibers which have been strongly interwoven and then coated with a super-hard resin. Actually, the car jumped into the limelight last year, when Jay Leno brought one to his TV program, “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

  1. Protein powder

Many people view hemp seeds to be a healthy super food. Apparently, these seeds have loads of antioxidants, tons of protein, full of amino acids and many other vital nutrients. As a result, hemp seeds are used in various types of foods and drinks, and a lot of people even consume them all on their own.

One common hemp food product is the nutritious protein powder, which provides people with plant-based protein. This kind of protein is more sustainable and greener than many other forms of protein powder that usually use dairy products.

  1. Fuel

Hemp can be used to make hemp ethanol/methanol and hemp biodiesel, both of which can be employed as fuel. Actually, hemp-made fuels are believed to be considerably more cost-effective and environmental-friendly than petroleum fuels.

  1. Shoes

Many companies nowadays are using hemp textiles to manufacture shoes. One of the most popular pairs of hemp shoes was released back in 2016. Nike special 4/20 featured a hemp body and smooth accents.

  1. Soap

Hemp is an exceptional base for soap-making. Primarily, that’s because hemp has high levels of fatty compounds required to manufacture high-quality soap.

  1. Paper

Typically, paper is made out of wood pulp; however, it can also be manufactured out of hemp fibers. Actually, it makes more sense to manufacture paper out of hemp. Why is that so? It is considerably faster to grow industrial hemp plants compared to typical forest trees.

Do-it-all kind of plant

Evidently, hemp is a versatile type of plant.From super food to medicine to building material to textiles, hemp can make just about anything imaginable. Anything, that is, apart from making you high.


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