Overview of the CBD Extract Guide, Types of CBD Products Available

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cbd extract guide

CBD based compounds have many health benefits. They are increasingly used to prevent or treat diseases like cancers. There are available different types of CBD products in the market. The buyers usually take CBD products in different dosages. It is advised to take lower dosages of the substance, initially. The users of CBD can however enhance the dosage with time. Understanding reveals that CBD does not cause any serious side-effects among the users.

Important Sources of CBD

There are a number of types of CBD products available in the market. Understanding the different CBD products is helpful to obtain CBD products according to the buyer’s needs and preferences. There are online websites which offer a range of CBD products to the customers.

Following are the important sources of CBD:

Hemp Plant Top

Cannabidiol or CBD is found in Cannabis plant. Cannabis plant includes hemp as well as marijuana. Other cannabinoids include CBN, THC as well as CBC.

Different strains of hemp and marijuana have different cannabinoid profiles. It implies that the substances (hemp and marijuana) may contain different amounts of cannabinoids in them. Cannabis growers cultivate the strains of marijuana and hemp.

Marijuana contains low amounts of CBD in it and high amounts of THC. Hemp on the contrary contains high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC. Because of this Hemp is regarded as the post potent source of CBD products.

CBD is found in the entire cannabis plant. However, there are some parts of the plant which contains CBD in traces. Hemp seeds and stalks contain almost zero cannabidiol.

Process of CBD Extraction

CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant using the following methods:-

Alcohol extraction method

The alcohol extraction method uses different hydrocarbons for the extraction process. These hydrocarbons may include hexane, butane. The alcohol extraction is a cheap method of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. However, this process produces a less desirable CBD product. The reason is that the alcohol extraction process leads to the formation of cancer causing compounds like formaldehyde in the CBD extracts.

CO2 extraction method

CO2 extraction is a preferred method of obtaining CBD from cannabis plants. This method is known to produce costly yet clean CBD extracts. The CBD extracts that are obtained using the CO2 extraction method is healthier when compared to that obtained from alcohol extraction process. In the context of CO2 extraction process, there are available two types of methods and they are Supercritical extraction and Subcritical extraction. Supercritical extraction uses a lower temperature in the extraction process. Subcritical extraction uses high temperature.

Types of CBD Extracts

Extraction CBD oil at lower temperatures is preferred as it prevents the loss of cannabinoids in the entire extraction process.

There are different types of CBD extracts available. There exist full-spectrum CBD extract, raw cannabinoids, broad spectrum CBD extracts, CBD Isolate, CBD Isolate powder. Full spectrum CBD extracts contain THC. However, in most instances the levels of THC are low. The extracts that are created from Hemp at low-temperatures using CO2 extraction methods result in the formation of raw spectrum product.

The acid forms of the cannabinoids found in the CBD products include:

  • CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid)
  • CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid)
  • THCA (Tetra-hydrocannabinolic acid)

Raw extracts are often combined with de-carboxylated extracts to create blended full-spectrum products. The broad spectrum CBD products do not contain THC in them. Besides, there are products like CBD Isolate and CBD Isolate powder.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

Researches reveal that the full spectrum products are effective in comparison to the Isolate CBD products. The full spectrum CBD products are useful in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions. If you are a CBD user then you may like to use the full-spectrum products for different medical conditions. Prior to investing on a CBD product it is important for the buyer to ensure that CO2 extraction tests and lab tests are done on the products.

There are a number of brands that are selling CBD based products to the customers and each brand claims to offer the customers, the best products. The competition in the market is high and therefore the ordinary CBD buyers require avoiding less-desirable brands and opting for labelled products.


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