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In any field of play or work, greenhorns tend to have a hard time fitting in. Growing cannabis has a steep learning curve; hence, beginners are likely to make mistakes before they truly get it right. Obviously, many things can occur to a marijuana plant during the course of its growth; thus, frequent monitoring is a must.  To help you navigate this journey successfully, we have compiled a list of mistakes that marijuana growers make, as well as ways of avoiding them.

Talking too much about it

They say two can never keep a secret unless one of them is dead. Sure, it is always tempting to talk about your successful endeavors to your family and friends. However, it is certainly not wise to go on informing them about your marijuana growing and selling venture. While in some states cannabis is already legalized, there are people who still consider growing of cannabis as a sin.  You do not wish to attract unnecessary drama in your home, do you? Remember, growing cannabis is a 2-3 month venture – that’s a long time to attract pointless attention. The only best way to shield the crop from this attention is to keep your project secretive.

Using the wrong soil

Many beginners believe that the soil found in their farms is perfect for marijuana growth. It is too erroneous and naïve to assume that. The soil may be too alkaline or acidic for marijuana to thrive well, so it is advisable to test the soil pH before starting anything out. It is also advisable to use soil which is well drained and rich in nutrients.

Poorly suited genes

Finding the best strain to grow will greatly determine the quality of your harvest. Many growers have fallen to the temptation of using the free seeds found in their marijuana (bagseed). These seeds will only leave you disappointed, since your cannabis may grow to be weak and unproductive.

Ensure you buy seeds from a highly regarded source. An ideal investment is a hardy strain, which is mold and disease resistant.  Do not rush about getting the perfect smoke while you cannot first nurture a decent crop from start to finish.

Poor climate control

Humidity and temperature are important to the growth of quality marijuana. Chilly weather can stunt the crop development. On the other hand, if the temperatures are too hot, your crop may develop heat stress. You will notice the leaves curling in, and eventually, the plant becomes frail and tired.

Ensure you also watch the humidity levels. Marijuana seedlings thrive in higher humidity levels; however, as the crop grows, humidity levels should be maintained at a minimum. To control humidity, consider using outtake and intake fans, dehumidifiers, or even open walls in your greenhouse.


Overfeeding marijuana crops is a common mistake made by beginners. There are two types of nutrients: organic and non-organic. Organic nutrients are derived from manure, compost, and other natural minerals in the soil. When applied, organic nutrients are consumed by the plant bit by bit, avoiding any excess intake.

When it comes to feeding your marijuana plants, start low and slow. Using too much organic and non-organic input (overfeeding) may shockingly result in low yields or even death of the plant.


Just like overfeeding, too much water on your marijuana plant is harmful. It leads to root rot or suffocation, and you know when that happens, it is nearly impossible to correct the situation. Develop a schedule and ensure you measure the amount water your cannabis receives daily. As they mature, you can increase the amount of water – but do so with caution.

Harvesting too early

It is understandable, you are excited. However, never harvest your buds before time. Harvesting too early gives your cannabis that stale and fusty taste when you finally consume it. Be patient and wait until the buds develop properly. Normally, the buds do not take that long to mature. You just need to manage their development with proper use of hydroponics, fertilizers and adequate lighting.

Final thoughts

Almost everyone screws up their first venture, save for those who have been guided by an experienced grower. Quality harvest is achieved by individuals who have decades of experience and years of doing research. Do not imagine you can look at a single YouTube video and come up with the next big cannabis strain.

Be patient in your first marijuana grow and understand the basics so that each harvest can be better than the last.


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