Grow Organic Marijuana and Watering Marijuana Plants

How to Grow Marijuana in Soil

how to grow marijuana in soil

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Just like any human activity, there are devotees of every marijuana growing method; fans of growing weed in soil believe that only soil can produce that true earthy ‘weed taste’ of old as well as producing incredibly potent bud. How to Grow Weed encourages you to explore all grow methods and in Chapter Five looks specifically at soil grown weed. Discover for yourself:

  • The true benefits of growing weed in soil
  • All you need to know about container grown marijuana: what containers are available; how to choose the right one; the container colour that promotes root growth (yes, really); using the right size container
  • An easy method of assessing what size container you should use
  • A powerful technique that is guaranteed to bring that magic male to female ratio of 20/80 to your garden
  • The containers in which you should NEVER, EVER grow marijuana
  • How to make sure your containers are sterilised and free from weed damaging bugs and viruses

Choosing the best Growth Medium for your Weed

Using a soil based marijuana grow set-up isn’t about just using soil from your garden; there are a number of factors that determine the best soil for your individual grow circumstances. So, you need the information in this section of How to Grow Weed:

  • Find out what type of soil to use for optimum bud production
  • Discover the three major factors that should influence your soil-buying decision
  • Get to know which soil guarantees the best flavor smoke
  • Become skilled at getting the right soil temperature for defeating pests, fungus, mold, and insect problems.
  • Study soil temperature factors that dispose marijuana plants towards root rot and other moisture- mediated problems
  • That soil in your back yard, do you reckon it’s okay for growing your dream ganja?
  • Dry and crumbly or moist and heavy – what is the best soil texture for growing weed?
  • Know the difference between poor, cheap soil and nutrient-rich quality soil at a glance
  • Back up that ‘at a glance’ assessment with a simple soil testing technique that establishes the finest soil composition for the best buds
  • Should you reuse your soil for the next batch of marijuana: the advantages and disadvantages are listed on page 168
  • Adjust your soil to produce aromatic, good looking, fat, frosted buds
  • See the eight most widely used soil mixtures and learn how each of them affects your plants. Choose which of this eight is the right one for your particular marijuana growing environment and save money by not spending it on stuff you don’t need
  • Learn about soil-less mixtures

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