Marijuana Seed Germination

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis

This section of the How to Grow Weed system contains important information for your long-term marijuana growing ‘career.’ Practical application of the knowledge imparted here will have you reaping huge harvests of powerfully punchy, fantastic tasting buds.

Chapter Two builds on the very basic marijuana information of the previous chapter – and it is every bit as important. If you’re concerned that Ryan just rehashes (pun intended) all the wordy garbage contained in every book you’ve read on the subject up till now, you will be very pleasantly surprised. There’s none of the overblown jargon that packs out the pages of most books on the market; none of that using twelve words where two will do. Just the clear, concise information you need to grow excellent weed: you’ll learn about all the parts of the marijuana plant as well as what happens to the plant during each phase of its life cycle.

Learn about trichomes, internodes, and root hairs and see them in crystal clear macro close-up. To be honest, the pictures blew us away – they’re beautiful. This vital information is presented attractively and clearly so that you’ll understand more technical stuff later on.

Marijuana Plant Sexing

On page fifty-five you’ll learn how to tell the difference between male and female plants as early as possible in their life cycle. The information is given using the most amazing high-definition images so that you’ll very quickly be sexing weed plants like a professional with years of experience under his belt.

Did you know that there’s such a thing as weed hermaphrodites? Well, now you do and the information on pages sixty-one and sixty-two will explain just why there is such a thing and why you should avoid them. More importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid them.

Bullet lists are always good because they seem to stick in the mind, which is why Riley gives you five easy-peasy but accurate ways of establishing what sex your plants are as early as possible in the cycle. This knowledge is vital if you’re going to harvest dense, sticky buds.

marijuana seedling

Marijuana Seedling Phase

Starting on page sixty-five you’ll learn exactly what happens in each phase of a marijuana plant’s life. And, although a picture speaks a thousand words (and these probably speak ten times that), it’s good to have written back up information, which is exactly what you get. Plus, you’ll:

  • Learn how to tell whether your plant is in its germination or weed seedling phase.
  • Understand why correct lighting is vital to producing buds to die for and find out exactly what lighting conditions are best for your delicate baby plants.

Vegetative Weed Growth

Starting on page sixty-eight you will:

  • Find out exactly what the vegetative growth stage is, what happens, and why what happens is so important. As ever the text is supported by excellent photography
  • Discover how to grow weed with muscles so that you can achieve a heavy harvest of fat, potent buds
  • Riley drills right down to the core information you’ll need to ensure the maximum harvest of high resin content buds

You’ll learn:

  • To provide optimum lighting conditions for healthy plants>/li>
  • How to water your babies correctly
  • What nutrients to give your growing plants and why
  • What ‘growing offense’ 99% of new growers commit during the vegetative stage and how to avoid making the same mistake yourself
  • The correct ratio of nutrients for all growing setups

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