Marijuana Manicuring, Drying and Curing

Manicuring Marijuana

manicuring marijuana

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  • No, you’re not going to learn how to produce a beautifully manicured lawn; you’re going to learn how to clean up around your buds – an essential process. So:
  • Manicuring made easy has been laid out to help you progress from messy bud to clean medical grade cannabis. You’ll find it on page 558 of How to Grow Weed
  • When to start manicuring without losing the vitally important glands
  • How to avoid attracting moisture, which, in turn, will attract mold
  • Correct handling of bud during the final stages of processing
  • How to make hashish with the leftover plant stuff. These pieces of plant don’t give a pleasant smoke, in fact, it’s horribly harsh, but they’re still heaving with resin, which you don’t want to waste. So Ryan Riley has included step-by-step guides to making:
    • Cannabutter
    • Hash oil

And, very importantly, learn how to safely dispose of your weed waste. People are not beyond rifling through your garbage to get evidence on you. The Marijuana Security Manual goes into this topic in detail and should be considered essential reading.

Drying Weed

drying weed

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Okay, to the actual growing phase is over, but drying and curing are still steps of the marijuana growing process. You can’t really use your crop until these jobs have been carried out.

There’s a lot you can do during this phase and, dependant on what you in fact do is whether you end up with an aromatic, potent crop or an acrid smelling, bitter tasting excuse for a crop.

Dry your buds too fast and they’ll smell like a Christmas tree and taste worse than they smell. Dry and curing well will ensure you achieve maximum potency, even converting some of the non-psychoactive stuff to THC. So, grab your copy of How to Grow Weed and discover:

  • Why you should be in no rush to dry your buds
  • What four actions will destroy the THC content of your harvest in no time? Know what causes this and you can avoid it.
  • The correct way to hang and dry your buds
  • The optimal drying environment for ensuring delicious buds with maximum potency
  • Air drying step-by-step that results in a smile-inducing sticky texture and a pure, sweet aroma
  • Vital procedures to be undertaken during the drying process
  • The importance of good air circulation around your drying buds: a foolproof method of hanging your buds that produces success every single harvest
  • The dangers of smoking moldy buds – read this and be scared; but be safe. Page 564 of How to Grow Weed might just save your health and your life
  • The best possible Cannabis drying environment: Riley provides you with every element that makes up a successful drying environment; including humidity, temperature, light, air, and much more
  • Unless you actually yearn for a bitter tasting bud that leaves a nasty after taste, find out which specific nutrient you should never give your plants from two weeks prior to harvesting
  • How to lengthen your drying time and how to avoid making the error that has this effect
  • How humidifiers and hygrometers can help in the production of a choice crop and whether you need one or not
  • An environmental factor that causes THC to fester and how to protect your own plants
  • A growing tip that speeds up drying by as much as one-third! What’s more there is no degradation of quality, potency or taste. Got to get it, haven’t you? Page 566 of How to Grow Weed
  • Rehydrating dry buds: a step-by-step guide
  • What actions you should take to ensure you get a second harvest from your crop in just six weeks
  • Regenerating/Rejuvenating a Marijuana Crop step-by-step
  • The correct way to prune a second crop to get an enormous harvest

Curing Weed Correctly

So, here we are at your last opportunity to affect your crop for good or bad. Follow Ryan Riley’s method and you’ll have a harvest you’re just aching to smoke

  • How curing affects potency: accurate and up-to-date information
  • Curing and its affect on bud potency. Get the accurate, most up-to-date facts. (pg. 569)
  • The secrets behind flavors such as blueberry, chocolate, strawberry and banana; it’s not just for the few. Following the complete guide offered in How to Grow Weed starting on page 577 you can
  • achieve exactly the same effects
  • How to know the exact moment when your buds are ready for curing
  • What five circumstances must be in place if you want to preserve the flavor and aroma of your hard-grafted-over bud? Would be a shame to stuff up now, wouldn’t it?
  • Find out what expert growers chose to dry and preserve their buds through the curing process
  • Foolproof tricks to help your curing along
  • A complete step-by-step guide to Curing
  • A realistic way to estimate curing time
  • Curing with water: it’s quick but is it better than traditional slow, dry curing. Judge for yourself on page 579
  • See exactly what happens to your buds through the curing process
  • Why some moisture content is essential if you are to produce fresh and fruity buds
  • The no bs guide to chemical conversions. The fact is, chemistry is at the root of all you do through the curing process. The other fact is, it doesn’t have to be dry and weighed down by jargon.
  • On page 582 you can read about the chemical conversions that take place during a cure and understand what you’ve read after the first reading
  • Fermentation and chlorophyll: what role they play in aftertaste and how to make sure that any aftertaste is divine
  • Curing in glass canning jars
  • Weed storage: how to choose the right container; one that won’t allow deterioration of your precious buds. Discover a storage container/curing jar that was designed for the task and that won’t cost you a month’s salary to buy
  • A fact you must know if you are planning to store your buds for a long time – did you know they can grow mold even in airtight conditions?
  • Six tips to make sure your buds stay as fresh as the day they were picked

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