Marijuana Lighting

More about Weed Lighting

All the details you need to make sure you have the best lighting set up possible:

  • What to use for ballast and why
  • Installing your weed lighting system and reflector
  • Direction of light and why it’s important
  • Optimum distance of weed from light source
  • Changing light distances depending on the growth phase
  • Light penetration chart for personalization
  • Immediate action you should take if you notice a hint of brown on your plants
  • How heat radiating from bulbs affects your plants and the remedy should it happen
  • Professional secret: how to get the bulb closer to your plants without burning and thereby maximize your harvest (it’s on page 110 and it isn’t ventilation!)
  • How to test bulb temperature quickly and easily
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your lighting equipment
  • Starting distance: where to position your lights for optimum performance from day one
  • How to avoid straggly, misshapen growth and why it happens in the first place
  • Exactly where on the plants to focus the light for optimum growth – and, yes, it makes an enormous difference
  • Another trade secret: using a trick of the light to produce maximum buds (page 113 if you want to go there the minute you download the full eBook)
  • Selecting the right reflectors BEFORE going shopping
  • Effective cleaning of your reflector hood
  • Not one but TWO ways of maximizing your lighting
  • What not to buy; and that includes a light hood available from every grow shop
  • How and why to match your ballast with your bulbs

weed lighting

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Weed Lights Operating Voltages

Starting on page 117, in this section you will discover:

  • Up-to-date, in depth information on conversion bulbs
  • How to replace your grow lamps
  • How to recognize when MH and HPS bulbs are coming to the end of their life

Also included is a chart showing the lifespan of every weed-specific bulb currently on the market. Check your bulb against the chart and put the date change in your diary – easy!

Marijuana Lighting and Light Timings

It’s not just lighting that’s important when growing weed, it’s the right lighting. Get your light timings wrong and you could end up slowing things down rather than speeding them up. By controlling the light timing in your grow system you are, in fact, dictating the life cycle of the plants.
So, in this section of How to Grow Weed, Ryan Riley explains:

  • How to work out the daytime/nighttime balance of your light during each phase of your plants’ life cycle
  • The very best lighting balance for producing unparalleled growth during the vegetative phase
  • Using timers to automate the lighting process
  • And, perhaps most importantly, you will learn how the wrong timer – or the right timer set incorrectly – can not only damage your plants but can actually kill them
  • A list of the best timers and where to get them is included on page 128

Weed Lights Wattage

  • Learn how wattage affects marijuana plants
  • Discover the rip-off merchants who exaggerate their wattages and find out how to see through the deceit
  • How to avoid a visit by the drug enforcement squad: find out the maximum wattage you can use before triggering an immediate investigation
  • Find out how to ensure your greens get the best possible light exposure by replacing your bulbs at the right time
  • Essential information to help you understand lumens and just how important they are to the successful marijuana grower
  • There’s information on page 90 to help you work out exactly how much light your weed plants need

Marijuana Lighting Basics

Essential information on:

  • Working out the lumen-per-watt ratio of any light using a simple formula
    • Essential electrical knowledge, including:
    • Understanding amps
    • The twenty-two habits you should develop that will safeguard you and your home from electrical catastrophes
    • How many lamps you can safely run on a domestic lighting circuit
    • A cost/benefit analysis of major weed-lighting systems
    • The formula for converting watts to amps
    • All you need to know about circuit breakers
    • The best electricity meter for your grow system
    • An explanation of GFCIs
    • An in-depth description of how to convert electrical sockets
    • How to ensure your electricity bill doesn’t pique the interest of the authorities, no matter how large it might be
    • The fourteen fail-safe ways to reduce your electricity bill

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