Marijuana Grow Room and Setting up weed growing area

The Marijuana Growing Area

marijuana growing area

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It doesn’t really get much more fundamental for a cannabis grower than the growing area, does it? Often there’s not a lot of choice and you have to make do with whatever space you can find available but even the smallest of spaces can be turned into an efficient and productive grow-plant (yes, pun intended).

The bottom line is that all effort you put into your marijuana growing activities will be more than repaid to you. It’s simple: well cared for plants produce more active ingredients because they’re not putting all their energy into survival.

Thus far, How to Grow Weed has concentrated on the specifics of water, heat, and light; all plants need this triumvirate to survive, get any one of the three wrong or, even worse, miss one of them out, and you’re plants are ‘dead plants, not walking.’

Now it’s time to start to think about exactly where all these weed watering and feeding activities are going to take place – and you’re in luck. Ryan Riley has filled this section of the eBook with step-by-step guides, photographs, expert ‘secrets,’ and equipment recommendations relevant to any growing situation. So that means your growing place – whether it’s a drawer in a filing cabinet, a tiny closet, or an entire suite of rooms – is covered too.

Download How to Grow Weed and find out how to set up the best growing area possible for your particular environment and needs.

Marijuana Grow-Room

marijuana grow room

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Riley starts of this section of How to Grow Weed with an important message about where never to grow weed due to the distinct possibility (maybe probability is the right word here) of getting caught. The scary thing is – this is the exact place chosen by many new growers as the safest from detection. How much longer are you going to prevaricate? With information such as this (on page 341 by the way) can you really afford not to download this book?

When you’ve got over the shock that your safe place isn’t, you’ll get all the information you could ever need about:

  • Seven key considerations when choosing your grow-place
  • Building a grow room that’s second to none and worthy of a marijuana professional
  • Light builders and weed
  • Building on an extra marijuana grow room to allow for quick maturation of your plants – and, of course, an everlasting supply of top quality weed
  • How to ensure your wall and/or flooring material earns its keep by reducing plant stress and maximizing plant growth

Creating your First Marijuana Grow Room

How to Grow Weed comes up with the goods again by telling you outright what the major first step in setting up any grow-room must be. Then you’ll move on to discover all the important tricks of the trade involved in setting up an efficient and highly productive growing space. Information in this section includes:

  • A complete step-by-step guide to creating a grow closet from scratch
  • Advice from professional weed growers on running an undetectable system
  • Learn how important it is to enter your garden in a manner that will not bring in outside pests and germs; spider mites, instance, mean death to weed babies. On page 349 Riley tells
  • you exactly what you must do each and every time you enter your nursery
  • What light reflective flooring and sanitation should you install – and why
  • Your marijuana plants need as much light as you can throw at them; on page 351 you will learn a guaranteed technique to give them as much as they need
  • Where to find the very best reflective material and how to install so it throws light directly onto your plants
  • Remember all those mirrors and bits of tin foil you’ve seen growers using to reflect light back at the plants? Well, read why that’s not such a good idea and avoid the brittle buds that this practice can cause
  • What should you think about when choosing your reflective surfaces? On page 352 you will find a cost benefits analysis of the 10 top choices to help you make the right selection for your specific needs and environment
  • Learn how to install a watering unit into your room
  • Discover the correct way to clean and maintain your grow room; it’s vital that you eliminate and then keep at bay every trace of molds, fungus, germs, or any other pests you can call to mind
  • It’s well recorded that aerated water boosts growth exponentially; aerating water is nowhere as difficult or technical as it sounds, find out how to ensure your plants get a continuous supply and watch as your weed grows happy, health, and big
  • Unearth the astounding, mainly secret, suppliers relied on by the experts for their weed-factory materials; then use the same suppliers and compete, if you want to that is, on quality and price
  • Have you considered cabinet growing? Stop thinking and start doing with Riley’s easy-to-follow illustrated guide; you’ll soon be growing 5 plants at a time of the very highest quality you can imagine
  • All you need to know about stealth growing – and, of course, you need to know absolutely everything you can about stealth growing, including how to cultivate your weed inside a stereo speaker as well as the renowned PC Grow Box (page 362-363, just in case you’re interested)
  • Discover the easy way to get rid of skunky odors by building your own carbon filter. Every bit as effective as the commercially available ones but a fraction of the cost; currently it would cost you around $20 to build your own carbon filter and upwards of $500 to purchase a commercially produced one
  • Investigate the benefits of thermostatic controls, determine whether or not you need one, and marvel at the amazingly superior weed you can produce when using one

What is a Squirrel Fan and How does it Work?

squirrel fan

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Ventilation needs of your grow room are investigated from page 373 of the How to Grow Weed eBook. Discover:

  • A simple formula to work out how much ventilation your room needs when pumping out the stale air
  • Ventilation systems illustrated and explained, with seven of the most effective options explained in detail
  • Calculate exactly which fan you should be using in your grow room with The Complete Fan Sizing Guide
  • Realize that, even if your grow room is tucked away in a tiny top-secret spot of your home, you can ventilate it effectively

Environmental Conditions that Promise Explosive Growth

In How to Grow Weed Riley provides you with everything you need in terms of knowledge and information to produce and enjoy the highest quality cannabis you’ve ever experienced.
To achieve this, you need to take control of the environment in which you grow your ganja; although it’s easy when you know how, cannabis is a very fussy plant and likes its every need met. You need to learn and understand the following:

  • Why plants need oxygen and when they need it; learn which particular phase has the greatest oxygen needs. Then learn to put that knowledge into practice so you can produce repeatable, humungous harvests whenever you want.
  • The mysteries of air ventilation and how to manipulate it to your plants’ advantage (and yours, of course)
  • How light effects the temperature of the grow room and how too much light can have your baby greens shrivel and dye before you even realize anything is wrong
  • The easy way to install a ceiling exhaust fan to help with maintain an accurate, healthy temperature in your grow room
  • Effortless temperature control
  • How to effectively expel stale, hot air from the room while at the same time replacing it with clean, fresh air
  • Given that you will be in possession of startlingly good buds, you should take a look at the Marijuana Security Black Book and find out how to maintain secrecy and protection
  • Make sure you put your fan – an oscillating one of course – in the correct position for maximum advantage
  • Find out how you can use two fans instead of one to grow strong stems
  • The ins and outs of temperature control and why it’s important
  • The one temperature guaranteed to have your plants growing vigorously both night and day. Get it wrong and your plants won’t be happy. Not a problem though because Riley presents you with a trick to help you stay in temperature control
  • Manipulate the grow temperature AND maintain stability – hard trick to do but Riley gives you the information you need
  • What took Ryan Riley 10 years to learn – how to stimulate hormones and reduce the incidence of leggy stems – you can learn in 10 seconds by downloading How to Grow Weed and checking out page 377
  • And the big one, long awaited and just added to How to Grow Weed: The Dummies’ Guide to Grow Room Humidity
  • Learn all you need to know about humidity and why it must be strictly controlled. Find out why low humidity can kill your plants stone dead, while high humidity won’t do them any favors either
  • Find out how maintaining fine control of humidity levels in any grow room can help protect your plants from destructive mold attacks. Riley learnt it the hard way – his work on this eBook means that you don’t have to:
    • Pick up the three effective methods of lowering grow room humidity
    • The best method of accurate humidity measurement

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