How to Grow Weed Checklist

Marijuana Grow Room Check List

Ryan Riley maintains that care and protection of your grow room should never be stressful and he couldn’t understand why so many of his past students found it a chore. We understand that Riley is enthusiastic about whatever he does, but he’s probably right in his conjecture that every part of growing weed should be stimulating and not weigh heavily on the mind. This, in fact, was his basis premise behind How to Grow Weed.

For those who toiled under the weight of ‘taking care’ of the grow room as well as those who lead frantically busy lives, Riley created:

  • Daily Grow Room Checklist
  • Weekly Grow Room Checklist
  • Your Monthly Grow Room Checklist

These lists can be found on pages 382 to 384 and will help you even if you have only minutes a day to tend your garden. Of course, you’ll need to download the book to get them.

Advanced Weed Grow Room Set Ups

Once you have the basics of weed-growing down you will undoubtedly then want to move on to some experimentation of your own. You might want to grow better, grow cleaner, or just experience the best high ever – but it’s more or less guaranteed you will want to move some aspect of your growing practice forward.

Enter the Screen of Green or SCROG, as it is commonly known.

Find out how to set up a SCROG cabinet with a walkthrough guide that leaves no stone unturned. Everything you need to know about setting up the cream of the marijuana crop shops covert and confined areas. If this is where you want to be, the other place you want to be is page 414 of How to Grow Weed.

So, the Sea of Green – The Complete Illustrated Guide – explains exactly what we mean when we talk about SCROG, and how and why we do it. It answers questions such as:

  • How many plants do I need?
  • How do I space my plants out?
  • What are the best plants?

You’ll have other questions too – and they’re all answered on page 386, along with:

  • The two most excellent weed strains for a Sea of Green set up
  • Where to get these superlative strains
  • What you can expect from these strains

Screen of Green – The Complete Illustrated Guide: grow massive, densely packed, big top colas; their long orange colored hairs sparkling with crystal. All done in the tiniest of grow spaces. Riley will hold your hand via the pages of this book and take you right where you want to be – an expert weed grower who knows exactly what he’s talking about and produces the most amazing crops.

He’ll teach you about:

  • Typical SCROG yields
  • Top Colas and why bigger is better – and no, he’s not talking about that stuff that rots your teeth
  • Go on a tour of SCROGGING with hydroponics and be amazed at the possibilities that have just opened up before you
  • Revel in beautiful to look at, wonderfully perfumed buds and discover they taste delicious too! You’ll be like a child in wonderland
  • Learn six surefire ways of curing the overcrowding problems that come with any Sea of Green set up
  • Get useful, lean advice concerning lighting your SCROG and learn the advantages of using larger lights – as well as the second rate disadvantages.

You can have all this information at your fingertips to study this evening – all you need to do is download How to Grow Weed.

Start in on your yield in double quick time – How to Grow Weed tells you everything you need to know about pre-training so you get it right first time, acquiring the most potent yields from densely glistening 2L coke bottle top colas. Page 403 is where you need to be

Then, when you think you’ve run out of superlatives, you find out about the highest yielding strain that just loves to Screen of Green set up. You will definitely put this one on your list of ‘weed to grow.’ Oh, yes, find out exactly what strain it is now – on page 394.

Then there’s the Complete Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to the Hydroponic Sea of Green Set Up, which includes information on:

  • Equipment needed
  • Setting the system up
  • Running and maintaining the system
  • Lots more

On page 409, discover:

  • What VSCROG is
  • What VSCROGT isn’t
  • How to set up VSCROGT
  • What it looks like with impressive pictures

Then there’s BOG – that is the Box of Green: find out why this advanced system is renowned for producing big, loaded, vibrant buds

  • How to start a BOG quickly and successfully
  • Two immensely potent BOG grow methods
  • How to train your weed to produce a quick acting, potent effect

All of which takes us straight to Jungle of Green: JOG is finally revealed to its public and you can read all about it on page 413 – if you’ve downloaded How to Grow Weed that is.(JOG) revealed to the public at last – (pg. 413)

Finally in this section, compare scrogging in soil versus scrogging in hydroponics before you rush off to start growing either one.

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