Marijuana Genetics and Breeding

Advanced Weed Growing

It’s not uncommon after mastering the basics of weed cultivation and experience the hit of your first mega harvest to want to learn all there is to know about enhanced marijuana growing

There are lots of directions you can take: breeding and cultivating your own strain; finding and using underground tips and tricks to maximize yield and potency: adding flavors such as berries, chocolate, and banana; getting into plant genetics and tinkering plant hormones combinations and levels; developing advanced nutrient strategies; or simply just taking your plants to the highest possible level.

Once again, How to Grow Weed presents the current knowledge in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner. It’s the boldest, most advanced publication available, and study of the updated and revolutionary chapter Growing Elite Marijuana – The Complete Guide will take you from a knowledgeable, advanced marijuana grower to Marijuana Master.

How to Grow Weed: Cannabis Genetics

how to grow weed cannabis genetics

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If you dream of accomplishing global ‘firsts’ within marijuana cultivation, this really is the only place to start because it is the most advanced text available on the subject.

If you dream of cultivating your own marijuana strain, there is no reason on this green earth why you should achieve exactly that. Start your Cannabis Cup Winner Career tonight – oh, you have to download How to Grow Weed and take yourself to page 612 first. The steps below could be the start of the most amazing journey:

  • A complete overview of Genetics & Cannabis
  • Breeder’s glossary: a ‘go-to’ resource for anybody thinking of going into advanced marijuana cultivation. This tool has been formatted specifically for marijuana related work

Weed Breeding Techniques

  • The importance of producing enough seeds to continue the strain: an updated step-by-step guide
  • Genetic blueprints: must have information for creating your own marijuana strain
  • Seed breeding process: an overview of the process used by successful seed breeders
  • Preserve an accurate, exact genetic blueprint for any plant you’ve sprouted – including that unusual looking one you spotted in the corner this morning
  • How you can destroy a good seedline by selecting the wrong parent plants; that will be $100 please sir. Make sure this isn’t part of your experience by studying the complete step-by-step guide to selecting perfect parent plants
  • The easy way to make your very first strain cross
  • Breeding to make seeds
  • Use females to produce… females! It is entirely possible to cross two female plants and produce a strain of seeds that produces all female plants. Find out how in the Sinsemilla seed section that starts on page 624
  • The right way to produce male flowers
  • The Comprehensive Guide to Making Seeds
  • Guidelines to selecting viable parents
  • The only lighting schedule for your male breeding plants, and the one they must remain on
  • Pollination in detail: Method #1
  • Pollination in detail: Method #2
  • The safe collection of pollen: detailed photographic guide
  • Keeping pollen fresh and genetically favorable
  • Your first hybrid – a step-by-step walkthrough
  • Crossing: a complete breakdown
  • Backcrossing: what, why, where and when
  • Cubing in simple terms
  • Using genetics to manipulate the taste and smell of your weed: discover the crucial ingredients. Sprite or Strawberry Cream anybody?
  • Your Breeding Strategy: why you should lay down your breeding goals
  • Choosing the Right Breeding Stock: this important process broken down into its component steps
  • All about females: an in-depth look at the lovely ladies of the weed world
  • All about males: well, they do have their place
  • Taking the guesswork out of flavors
  • A full guide to cubing a clone: how to do it and the advantages and disadvantages if you do
  • Cubing step-by-step
  • Realize the number one goal of cubing
  • Become a master of convergent improvement, once you’ve found out exactly why it’s an essential for your future cannabis breeding career
  • How to create a true breading strain (IBL): Riley takes you by the hand and walks you through this process in the wide-ranging guide that begins on page 641
  • The essential steps you must take to turn yourself into a successful cultivator of cannabis
  • How to isolate and select to maximize the best strain traits; it is entirely possible to end up growing the best strains ever known to mankind

How to Grow Weed: F1, F2 and your Pot

Backcrossing your favorite female

The process of backcrossing and cubing and what the results will be

The points you must follow to guarantee success with such advanced genetic manipulation techniques. You’ll find the critical information on page 647 of How to Grow Weed

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