Marijuana Flowering

marijuana flowering

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Starting on page seventy-two, you’ll discover:

  • How to get maximum marijuana yield from flowering marijuana plants
  • The maximum eventual height your plants will reach – nothing worse than not planning and then running out of space!
  • What trio of factors is vital to the formation of excellent buds and how you should use this information before allowing your marijuana plants to flower
  • The optimal time to bring on flowering
  • How to recognize every stage of the flowering phase and what happens during each of these stages of growth
  • What marijuana nutrients are needed by your flowering plants if they are to produce buds to be proud of
  • What ratio of these nutrients you should provide
  • How to give these nutrients to your plants for maximum uptake
  • How to avoid cropping plants that provide harsh and bitter smoke
  • Why, rather than being a bad sign, yellowing leaves could be viewed as A Good Thing or why those yellowing leaves might actually be a bad sign after all. How to tell the difference between the two and what action you should take
  • The seven supplements that will make a positive difference to your final harvest and how they affect the resultant buds
  • How to stimulate flowering
  • How to avoid wasting money on supplements your plants don’t need and which supplements are worth their weight in gold
  • How to speed up flowering without damaging your plants – if you’re eager to experience the results of your efforts you’ll find this information on page eighty-one. You’ll also find out if speeding up flowering is a good thing or a bad thing
  • How to force flowering
  • A week-by-week analysis of precisely what happens during each stage of the flowering process together with information about what you should be doing during each of these stages
  • What you can do during the flowering phase to get the maximum taste and strength from your buds
  • All you will ever need to know about cannabis plants and what happens during the seed and flowering phases
  • How long the flowering cycle lasts from beginning to end
  • Ways to accelerate flowering without paying for it with poor quality buds
  • What element is vital to your plants during flowering to ensure they don’t turn into hermaphrodites

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