Maintain your Hydroponics System

maintain your hydroponic sustem

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  • Discover the two most significant factors in producing astounding hydroponically grown weed
  • Understand reservoir pH level and what you should never, ever do if the pH is up or down
  • The optimum hydroponic pH for wicked weed
  • How to control pH levels in hydroponics set ups
  • Learn from Riley’s past pH mistakes – there is absolutely no need for you to make the same ones
  • Page 325 is where you’ll find the pH availability chart specifically for hydroponic systems
  • For a happy high, you need to pamper your plants with the right conditions – especially temperature – find out what that temperature is on page 325
  • How to maintain the reservoir temperature at a level that makes it easy for the roots to extract the nutrients they need
  • How to make the weather irrelevant to your crop
  • Your recycling system and why it’s important
  • How to change your solution – written for the stoned
  • Why long roots is not something you should aspire to; if you got this information too late, what you should do about those long roots so you don’t waste any of that THC. Course, if you had downloaded How to Grow Weed earlier, you wouldn’t have long roots to start off with
  • How to trim roots and where to trim them to help bud growth rather than hinder it
  • Changing your nutrient solution and its effect on grow quality
  • How to keep the reservoir temperature exactly where it should be for optimum taste and effect
  • Find all you need to know about root growth and how to encourage your crop to grow up fast
  • You’re not going to believe this but there are fourteen ways to keep your reservoir cool – go to page 332 and check them out
  • The stoners’ step-by-step guide to nutrient solutions – easy to follow instructions on mixing the right nutrients in the right ratios

During his 20 plus years marijuana growing career, Riley has tipped more nutrient down the drain than he cares to remember – hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours literally down the drain. There is no need for you to follow suit, not when he’s distilled all the learning from those mistakes into supreme guidelines to the mixing of nutrients.

  • Read about nutrient lockout and how to avoid it
  • Use the checklists: daily and weekly checklists have been included in a format that you can print out and use for your own system
  • Learn the art of sterilizing and disinfecting your system; a clean system keeps molds, fungus, and all sorts of nasties at bay. A step-by-step guide can be found on page 333

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