Hydroponic Weed Systems, Sterilization and Nutrients

Marijuana Hydroponics System

marijuana hydroponics system

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Hydroponics, the last bastion of the marijuana elite? Not anymore: in How to Grow Weed Ryan Riley as broken through the jargon and mystique to bring you hydroponic cultivation for the unpretentious. Growing something hydroponically just means growing it without soil; this means that you have to use an alternative method of getting nutrients to the plants – liquid fertilizers.

Hydroponics is big business in the marijuana industry and that means that companies are busy trying to out-do one another with squeaky new products, each promising to lighten the load of the hydroponics grower. Brilliant for the weed world is the proliferation of everything-you-need-in-a-box kits, which make start up easier and cheaper.

Hydroponics and Marijuana

Riley’s comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of hydroponic growing begins on page 255 and in this section of How to Grow Weed you’ll find information on:

  • Hydroponic systems versus soil based systems
  • A five-page breakdown in simple terms of how and why hydroponics works
  • A dozen points in favor of hydroponics
  • Five reasons why you might not want to use hydroponics
  • Vital information about hydroponics without which you are doomed to failure from your first hydroponic crop
  • How you can influence the flavor of your hydroponically grown bud

Choosing Your Hydroponic Grow System

Choices, choices; sometimes it seems that we are victims of too much choice! No matter, in How to Grow Weed the expert takes you expertly through the hydroponic grow systems available and helps you choose the right one for your particular circumstances.

Some of it’s common sense of course: if you aim to be president of a marijuana monopoly you’re going to need something more substantial than the average closet hydro system. And if all you want out of life are a few top quality cannabis plants you won’t need a biological systems matrix with advanced ergonomics and photo-flux light arrays…

In this episode of How to Grow Weed you’ll discover all available hydroponic growth options currently on the market; each system is illustrated and the advantages and disadvantages of all the major systems are comprehensively and truthfully detailed.

Riley presents you with a list of points to consider before you part with your cash. The basic list here is just the headings, in the eBook each of these points is explained at length:

  • Passive hydroponics systems as opposed to passive ones
  • The globally most popular hydroponics systems along with 3D diagrams, detailed descriptions, and clear photographs
  • Flood and Drain/Ebb and Flow: read all about it on page 274
  • What is NFT or Nutrient Film Technique: you will understand it in detail when you’ve completed this section
  • Top feed or drip irrigation systems
  • The Deep Water Culture system (DWC), more commonly called The Bubbler, is explained in depth
  • An easy method of starting your seeds in The Bubbler
  • Find out if you’ll be needing automatic hydroponic pots or manual hydroponic pots
  • A complete guide to Wick and Hempy buckets
  • How aeroponics works is explained by way of spectacular imagery along with a detailed review of the benefits of these systems, which savvy growers choose above all others
  • Where and how to get a world-class, compact, aeroponics system for less than $99.00!
  • Find out how to grow your weed discretely, totally confident that there’s nothing to give the game away
  • What grow equipment is right for your particular circumstances? Read page 273 and you’ll know exactly what you need
  • What is the single aspect of hydroponic growing that is essential for energetic and forceful growth of those plants?
  • How lighting and hydroponics can be used in tandem to maximize your crop and ensure it’s a powerful one
  • Explanations and descriptions of marijuana cultivation media, such as:
    • Rockwool
    • Hydroton
    • Soil
    • Perlite
    • Vermiculite
    • Coconut Fiber
    • Hydroponic Marijuana Nutrients