Hydroponic Marijuana Nutrients

hydroponic marijuana nutrients

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In soil-based growing systems, marijuana plants get most of their nutrients from the soil however, the crux of hydroponics is that there is no soil – the truth of the matter is that if you choose to grow hydroponically you will be entirely responsible for the nutrients available to your plants. You’d better listen up to this section of How to Grow Weed get it wrong and death will come to your plants within hours; get it right and you’ll be in weed wonderland.

This slice of Riley’s work positively overflows with step-by-step advice; not only will you finish up confident with issues such as how to mix and when to give nutrients, you’ll also understand:

  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) fertilizers and their role in producing the finest marijuana
  • Overfeeding and underfeeding: what happens if you commit either of these growing ‘sins’ and how to recognize when you have done
  • Three-part fertilizers, what are the best ratios and why does it matter
  • The clandestine 123 easy recipe for accurate feeding during each life-cycle phase
  • The habitual fundamental duty you must undertake prior to dissolving nutrients in the reservoir
  • Learn about TDS, PPM, and EC as a grower of ganja; leave the scientists to their own devices
  • Exactly what you need to know about Electrical Conductivity without the confusing bits, which you don’t need anyway
  • Why you should care about Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) and how many Parts per Million there are
  • PPM and EC measurements are demystified on page 299
  • Conversions involving TDS, PPM, and EC are put into plain words on page 300
  • Using meters to measure TDS; what you’re measuring and how much you need
  • Working out the conversion factors written in an easily assimilated way – no matter how much of that frosty, glistening weed you’ve ingested
  • Is an EC meter really necessary? Find out on page 302
  • You will also find a stunningly comprehensible EC conversion factor chart on pages 303 to 304

Combo Weed Meters

  • Recognize when your PPM/EC is wrong
  • Use this superb step-by-step method of figuring out the PPM of your fertilizer
  • Marvel at the clear, easy to follow guide to NPK strengths in hydroponics
  • What’s the approximate tolerance range of total PPMS in soil/medium – find out on page 305
  • And that’s where you will also find the tolerance range for TDS/EC
  • Knowing when and what nutrients your plants need is child’s play with the unambiguous guide on page 306. Download How to Grow Weed now and you could be growing hydroponic marijuana llike an expert – within hours
  • If you don’t savor weak flavor learn what nutrient is essential during the seedling phase
  • Feeding during flowering – how to get mammoth results
  • If you truly want to harvest delicious buds, don’t you think you should be downloading How to Grow Weed round about now?

Trouble-Free Marijuana Nutrition

  • Find out what nutrients will produce buds without the daze, yet at the same time provide an exceptional, enduring, soaring high
  • Should you be using dry or wet nutrients? How to Grow Weed ensures you make the right choice on page 311
  • Discover how and why the right nutrient mix results in massive yields
  • What nutrient packs you should be using, and how you should be using it, for maximum effective cannabis
  • Examples of nutrient solutions for you to make your own and get growing
  • THE only feeding strategy that consistently produces high-end weed
  • Why you shouldn’t stress about trickling water
  • Clean water gives clean tasting buds – obvious really, don’t you think? So, your task is to maintain a good flow of good quality water
  • The one thing you must do to avoid root damage in your hydroponic plants
  • What happens if life gets in the way and you can’t tend your crops every day? Go straight to page 317 to find out
  • How to avoid the curse of the green slime and, if you’ve downloaded the book too late, how to get rid of it forever
  • What you should do if you discover the first hint of green slime on your rockwool
  • Mixing nutrients easily and accurately
  • Mixing nutrients correctly is easy – if you‘ve read the illustrated guide on page 319
  • Same goes for the strength of your nutrient solution; no problem if you’ve read the guide; big problems if you haven’t read the guide and you get it wrong
  • Achieve a loaded harvest quickly with one hydroponic nutrient- page 320 tells you all you need to know

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