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No matter how experienced you are, when it comes to planting cannabis, growers are faced with numerous challenges. Some of the nastiest include soil issues, insects, birds, and bad weather conditions, among other problems. It is a real disappointment to have damaged crops after investing so much of your time and effort, but it is even more frustrating knowing you could have avoided it. Learn Sativa Weed College can help you with tips and information about how to take care of you crops.

Now, when it comes to birds, there is surprisingly an extraordinary relationship shared with weed. Sometimes, they act as defenders, eating all the pesky insects on your cannabis plants. At other times, they destroy your potential harvest by stealing your cannabis seeds.

Here are key things you should understand about birds, and the measures you can take to prevent them from destroying your crop unless you get your weed from a dispensary in Canada.

Problem birds

Now, we are not talking about all birds here. Normally, cannabis growers have issues with game birds. There are numerous species of birds which specifically seek out cannabis seeds; therefore, the struggle is definitely real for growers. When your cannabis seeds are being prepared for planting, the attack on them can be more or less immediate, unfortunately leaving you without anything to plant.

Additionally, if you are growing to produce cannabis seeds, then birds can invade as they grow. However, for the grower not really after seeds, birds are less likely to be an issue. Probably, the birds that will give you problems include:

  • House sparrow
  • Magpie
  • Common linnet
  • Less spotted woodpecker
  • Nuthatch
  • European turtledove
  • Starling
  • Tree sparrow

Symptoms of birds’ invasion

The attack from birds is usually expected in any outdoor cannabis project; hence, it doesn’t take much to identify of these winged-creatures are stealing and tampering with your crop. However, like we mentioned above, birds visiting your grow site, isn’t certainly a bad thing. Well, here are cannabis plant symptoms to be aware of:

  • Bird waste matter – This probably the major symptom of them all. Obviously, if you notice multiple droppings on your outdoor grow, then, there is a high probability that birds have been visiting your crop regularly.
  • Seed disappearance – Usually, this is a clear indication that your seeds have been invaded, although sometimes it is quite likely that they might have been inadvertently eaten by other pests.
  • Catching birds redhanded – Once you witness birds in your cannabis garden, then you do not have to be remembered that you will lose some of your seeds.

Solution for birds

Normally, birds visit your garden for two key reasons: to eat them, or if you are lucky, to eat the critters in your crop. Either way, it is advisable not to have them around because you might not know their intended purpose of invasion.

If you have hybrid strains, there are some actions you can take to shield your cannabis plants from birds; however, it’s prudent to wait until you have proof that they are actually stealing your marijuana seeds. Below are some few tips:

  • Creating a barricade between your cannabis crop and birds can help. For instance, this could be a clear PVC cover or a lightweight net, which will not only deter the birds from coming to your garden but other pests as well.
  • Tactfully hanging shiny or reflective objects across your cannabis garden can also be a solution to birds’ invasion. You can use disposable pie pans, CDs, or even tin cans. The more you will have in your grow site, the higher probability of survival for your crop.
  • Perhaps, the safest way to shield your crop is by employing a bird feeder. Bird feeder can make a perfect distraction when positioned properly. Birds love eating oat seeds, barley, rye, so you can place them close to your grow site to discourage them from feeding on your plants.


Security of your cannabis garden is always a top priority. Remember, this includes protecting your garden from preying eyes especially if you reside in neighborhoods where growing cannabis is prohibited or frowned upon. Therefore, as you protect your treasured cannabis project from being invaded by birds, do not forget to operate discreetly. Stay informed, Learn Sativa Weed University could teach how to avoid future problems with your crops. We wish you all the luck as you try to optimize your cannabis harvest.


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