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There is barely another habit in the world which is so closely associated to death as smoking. In fact, even the companies that produce cigarettes are under an obligation to warn their consumers that “smoking kills”. Smoking a cigarette not only involves combustion of tobacco with thousand other chemicals but as a matter of fact, handful of these chemicals are known to have a close connect with life-threatening diseases, especially cancer, including Nicotine, Benzene, and Lead.

Nicotine, in particular, acts as the addictive substance in a cigarette that causes users to get used to it and desire for more. So, when you hear someone say they are addicted to smoking, in reality, they are addicted to the use and intake of nicotine. Though most of these chemicals are not a part of the process of making cigarettes, the combustion of tobacco leaf instigates the process of chemical reactions, which in turn produces smoke that is filled with carcinogens – the chemicals responsible for causing cancer.

What is Vaping?

To reduce the harmful effects of smoking a cigarette, inventors came up with an alternative solution i.e. vaping. To define it in layman terms, ‘vaping’ involves puffing on vaporized liquid nicotine through a device commonly known as a ‘vaporizer’ or an ‘e-cigarette’. The process of vaping doesn’t involve the requirement to combust anything and hence, prevents the risk of creating and intaking a majority of harmful chemicals. This, in turn, reduces the number of carcinogens as compared to that produced by smoking cigarettes. Vaping, as opposed to cigarettes, produces the following chemicals:

  • Nicotine
  • Vegetable Glycol
  • Nitrosamines
  • Propylene Glycol a.k.a. Vegetable oil
  • Acetaldehyde

Other chemicals found in vaporized liquid nicotine mostly belong to food grade and are used for flavoring.

Truthfully, it may slightly be difficult to compare the exact benefits of ‘vaping’ over smoking cigarettes for the fact that most of these researches are done by professionals in the tobacco control field who would rather prefer to see complete elimination of nicotine usage, however, there are a handful of advantages of ‘vaping e-Cigs that have been noted as opposed to smoking conventional cigarettes.

Vaping and Smoking Cigarettes – A Comparison

As mentioned, clear comparison can’t be drawn between the two due to lack of research studies, but it can be concluded that vaping has been proven to cause a lot less damage to human health as compared to the combustion of conventional cigarettes. Some of the comparisons are as followed:

  • One of the major risks that intaking tobacco is involved with is heart disease. While vaping is not free of heart diseases, it is believed that e-cigarettes are connected with twice the risk of heart disease while a conventional cigarette is linked with thrice the risk of the same.
  • Additionally, it has been concluded that people who give up smoking and turn to vaping are more likely to quit smoking at all than those who stick to smoking conventional cigarettes.
  • Also, we have already talked about the number of carcinogens produced in vaping which are far fewer that those produced during combustion of traditional cigarettes.
  • Last but not the least, vaping uses a device known as vaporizer which usually is rechargeable. Most buyers only need to buy extra refills of liquid nicotine to use with it. But, with cigarettes, the cost is a lot higher.

Even though vaping is beneficial over smoking cigarettes, the concept is still very new. However, with companies such as Herbalize Store US or Herbalize Store CA, it is a lot easier these days to buy vaporizers online as well as the liquid nicotine flavors to go with it.

Once again, this is not to say that vaping is safe or encouraged in any way because in all likelihood, the affordability and the lack of “smell” of e-cigarettes against cigarettes may influence teenagers to be drawn to ‘vaping’. Also, since the vaporizer or e-cigarettes are battery operated, there could be potential health hazards related to battery or coil malfunction.

Another major factor involved in vaping or smoking cigarettes is the critical danger it causes when done simultaneously. As a matter of fact, studies show that people most at risk of suffering from heart and lung diseases as well as cancer are “dual users” who smoke and vape every day since they face five times the risk of a heart attack to those who either had none of these habits or had only one.

Though there isn’t enough data to prove any substantial yet, with time, researchers and users aim at deriving a conclusion which could actually eliminate direct consumption of traditional tobacco altogether.


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