Hot Tips for Growing Marijuana in Cold Weather

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growing marijuana cold weather

Marijuana is actually is a slang term for the cannabis plant as it has been used by humans for more than decades. And now the plant has developed many other nicknames like marijuana, ganja, mary, Jane, pot, weed, etc. Whatever it is, here, we are interested to dig into the information that can help us to grow the plant in cold weather.

To get deeper into the discussions, one needs to understand the plant as whole.

Cannabis: How the plant gets affected by Cold Weather?

Cannabis is an annual plant which depends on season change for its growth or change in life phase. Despite of its adaptation to hours of sunshine, cold weather cannot actually prevent you from growing cannabis. Apart from appropriate sunlight, the plant requires fertile soil and temperature range between 20-28°C. However, the climate conditions are really unpredictable when you are residing in places like Australia, Columbia, and somewhere near to the Mediterranean and want to grow cannabis. In countries like the northern part of India, certain countries of Europe & North America, the temperature sometimes fluctuates between 5 to 10 degrees. Some of the CBD manufacturers are doing so. In such countries, it becomes highly difficult to successfully cultivate the plant. If you are enough lucky to get some cannabis seed from such countries then you must understand that these seeds are possible to grow in the cold season. It should be taken into account that most of the seed genetics that is found in the seed market are adapted to two largest cannabis markets that are in Canada and United States.

Factors you need to consider:

  • Photoperiod: Whether you are growing the plant in the summer season or in the winter season, photoperiod is necessary for the plant to bloom. You can grow the plant under an indoor environment until it attains a suitable mass and then can transfer it to the outdoor place or any garden area. The rest will be done by the natural light.
  • Not Expecting A Larger Plant or Huge Growth: If you are planning to grow marijuana in cold weather then you cannot expect the height of the plant more than 100cm.
  • You can create your own greenhouse garden: This could be the best option if you want to try for marijuana growth in winters. This will help the plant to get appropriate humidity, protection from rainfall & pets and the most important is the chances to get an increased size of the vegetal mass.

The two critical factors that one should consider before growing the plant is the knowledge of climatic conditions of the place where you want to grow cannabis and the type of seed. Actually, the seed sown in cold climate will not yield a large plant. The production will be comparatively smaller than the seed sown in the moderate or appropriate conditions. However, it would be worthwhile if you get succeed in growing the plant. In most of the countries of Europe where the climate is not cold all the year, growers somehow manage to grow marijuana in the months that are less hostile to accomplish the task. From April to May, seed germination, transplantation of seedling & cutting is done which is followed by the next process, i.e. harvesting that takes place from September to October. The conditions in these months are more favorable for outdoor harvesting. The major problem is not cold but the proper sunshine. Though cold weather slows down the growth of plants the important thing is the solar radiations that are not enough for the growth of marijuana. You can even make CBD oil or you can buy in large quantities from a Cbd Wholesale Company.

Tips To Battle the Cold Weather

  • You can choose to grow indica or hybrid strains. They are adapted to grow in this kind of weather.
  • Germination of the seed should be carried inside the home (especially in winter days) with natural water of temperature 18-22°C.
  • Keep the plant inside the home until it reaches an adequate growth or you can wait for 30 days to allow the plant to grow in case they are cuttings.
  • As it is necessary to expose the plant in light for the purpose of proper growth, you can use indoor lighting like LEC.
  • You can use pots or blankets to provide appropriate heat to your plant or in order to alleviate the temperature differences of day and night.

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