History of Hemp: An Ancient and Versatile Plant

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When we think about the word “hemp”, the first things that come to our mind are the therapeutic uses of this plant. In a world where CBD oils and tinctures are widely available online, the many different uses of this crop have been shadowed by its well-known health properties.

According to some studies, hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated by men, originally used to produce clothes, ropes, paper, baskets and other household products due to its strong fibers. In the Ancient Greece, it has been found that people used to burn hemp seeds and inhale their vapors in what might be the first example of the plant´s recreational uses.

What Exactly is Hemp?

Industrial hemp derives from the Cannabis sativa species and has a unique chemical composition with lower levels of Tetrahydrocannabidiol than regular cannabis plants. In the United States, hemp was legal until the Marihuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 and officially implemented anti-cannabis nationwide regulations.

After the passage of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, hemp and marijuana were given the same legal standing and therefore even growing hemp plants for the production of fibers was banned in the country. Not only did this limit the growth of the market for this plant, but it also hindered the ability for scientists to carry out more research on the therapeutic properties of hemp.

Learning more about hemp history and uses is useful to understand how particular laws can change a market and limit the development of what could potentially be life-improving products. After the United States Farm Bill was approved in 2018, scientists from all across the country have done extensive research and discovered many beneficial and previously unknown components in the hemp plant.

Hemp-Derived Health Products: Effective and Natural

As the CBD industry continues to grow around the world and new businesses develop more innovative cannabidiol extracts, the general public is starting to become more aware of the beneficial properties of the hemp plant. While some years ago it was almost impossible to talk about cannabinoids or CBD without getting strange looks, nowadays the differences between psychoactive and non-psychoactive products is well known.

CBD oil wholesale is now a major business driver in the United States and other Western countries which have followed the path of legalization. The hemp industry is beneficial for the industry as it generates new jobs, and for patients as it gives them a natural alternative to their traditional pharmaceutical products.

The main characteristic of hemp-derived products is therefore their ability to treat a wide range of health conditions without causing psychoactive effects or dependence. In the United States, the legal limit of 0.3% for THC concentration is never surpassed by hemp tinctures grown under controlled conditions and extracted using premium methods.




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