THC Extraction and Hash Making

Making Hashish

making hashish

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When you think back on the time, hard work, and expense that it took to produce your wonderful, precious crop it’s not surprising that you want to utilize every last little bit. And that includes all the excess green stuff that’s left over after you’ve manicured. Every single piece of stem and leaf is rich in resin; the problem is the taste is appalling. This is where extraction has its place.

Extraction is fairly easy and it’s also very satisfying. How to Grow Weed walks you through the most up-to-date methods for making hash which, in case you didn’t know it, is the most potent way to use marijuana known to man.

Introduction to hash making

  • What is hash and how should it be used
  • Producing hash
  • The right way to make hashish
  • How to smoke hash for an enduring high
  • The Moroccan system for rating hashish
  • Skuff and how to prepare it
  • Hash-making tools

Hash Extraction Methods

  • How to collect the hash ingredients
  • Ingredients in the best hash – and it’s probably lying around your greens garden at this very moment
  • How to Grow Weed with hash and why it’s so enjoyable
  • Details of popular hash extraction methods, including hand-rubbing, water extraction, and sieving
  • Get started with pressing, there’s enough information right here for you to make an immediate start
  • Chemical extraction, which excludes cannabutter (technically lipid extraction) and solvent extraction. Also find out about isomerisation – big words, simple process
  • Make your own hash oil
  • Preparations and additives for hash
  • Riley’s personal recommendation for schwag bag kits and where to get them and making hash using flat screening
  • Drum machines – not the musical variety
  • Step-by-step instructions to make hash with a schwag bag kit
  • What water you should be using whenever you extract hash
  • A neat trick that will increase the potency of your already potent hash
  • Extract hash using a blender – yes, really. This quick and easy method is one for lazy-bods
  • Alcohol extraction of hash

How to make Cannabutter Step-by-Step

Cannabutter, which can be substituted for the fat content in any recipe to ‘pep it up a bit’ is incredibly easy to make and should be a store-cupboard standby for any self-respecting stoner or medical marijuana patient.

On How to Grow Weed page 609 you will find that self same recipe.

If you’ve never investigated The Stoner’s Cookbook, you should. You’ll find tons of recipes written with stoners in mind.

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