How to Grow Weed Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

growing marijuana outdoors

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If you’ve been thinking about growing marijuana outside in the pure, fresh air; that’s cool – apart from anything else you won’t have to pay all that money for lighting! Plants are designed to be grown outside in the fresh air and sunshine BUT you have a few issues to consider before you go right ahead.

Right there, on page 426 of How to Grow Weed, are two fundamental points that are central to whether you’ll be successful or not; before thinking about outdoor cultivation you should think about these

That there are attractions and benefits to growing weed outdoors is not in question – the difference in quality of the smoke between outdoor and indoor cannabis is always the deciding factor.
On page 427 there’s a list of genetic factors for you to consider before purchasing any seeds; if you’re dreaming of a humungous crop – nuggets that folk will fight over – then this is the information you need to achieve that vision

And, of course, Riley gives you as many tricks in this section of How to Grow Weed as he does in previous chapters, so download and read on for:

  • A stealthy way of increasing your outdoor germination rate
  • How to plant up your outdoor pots correctly
  • How to hide those outdoor targets from helicopters – and people, of course

Outdoor Weed Lighting

All the information you need to make that vision of a humungous crop come true:

  • The total hours of light your outdoor babies need – get this right and you’ll need the very largest trash bags to carry your crop home
  • On page 429 you will discover how the ancients used their knowledge of the heavens to plant judiciously. Learn how to make use of the rotating sun to work out the ideal spot to plant your seeds. It’s easy and it works
  • The significance of latitude: exactly where you live on the earth’s surface plays a vital part in your planting habits
  • Find out exactly what time of the year is the best planting day for weed seeds
  • Likewise – the direction your plants face will have consequences for your crop because it effects the light level they receive. Learn best practice on page 730
  • How about this: increase your outdoor yield by 10% using just ten minutes of your time. Why isn’t everybody doing it? Because not everybody has downloaded How to Grow Weed, which is filled with similar underground tricks
  • Why starting your outdoor plants indoors hastens the time when you’ll be able to enjoy the bounty of your labor; and more importantly, how you can do this
  • How to overcome transplantation shock in your outdoor plants – a major cause of lost plants corrected on page 436

Choose your Marijuana Grow Spot

  • Keep your crop safe and yourself out of trouble by finding out the best places to plant your outdoor weed
  • Light again, but this time how to reap the benefits of that stealthy light that general goes unnoticed; your crops will show their pleasure by producing incredible yields
  • Watering cannabis plants outdoors is a different ball game to indoor watering: find out why
  • Learn how to prevent pests from demolishing your precious crop
  • Prevent thieves from stealing all your hard work – and put in safeguards against confiscation too
  • Discover how to tell if a plot is suitable for outdoor growing of marijuana just by looking at it

Your Grow Weed Spot

Another complete guide appears on page 443 of How to Grow Weed: Prepare Your Outdoor Growspot – The Complete Guide. Plus:

  • Which one addition to your soil will have it feeding your plants year-round
  • Which addition to your soil you should never use on your outdoor plants – even though it comes recommended for exactly that
  • Correct preparation of your soil
  • Planting a clone outdoors: the easy way to 0% failure rate
  • Making sure of adequate drainage when digging your planting hole; Riley shows you a simple test
  • There is something that must be removed from your dug hole, to leave it will lead to aggravation and disappointment – you’ll find out what that something is on page 446
  • Ryan offers you a trick to increase your plants’ growth during the early stages; it took him almost 20 years to discover this amazing feat. You can get hold of it in around 5 minutes
  • How to bring in your harvest early
  • How to ensure that, even in an arid climate, your roots stay well-hydrated
  • Discover the way to keep your crop and your grow-space well maintained, thus guaranteeing you a stupendous harvest
  • What you should be doing the night before your plant date
  • On your plant date: how to plant your seeds properly and at the perfect depth
  • Working out the exact date your seeds will sprout
  • Watering: what to do and what not to do
  • How and when to tie in your plants without damaging the fragile stems – an illustrated walk-through of this important task is to be found on page on page 450

Guerilla Weed Growing

guerilla weed growing

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Okay, so what is meant by the term Guerilla Growing? It means, quite simply, growing your marijuana on a plot that isn’t your own and, of course, Mr Riley can tell you all the ways and means of going about this to achieve a massive harvest

Now, imagine the scenario: you’ve been tending your weed-babies unstintingly for a couple of months and you’re getting near to harvest date. Then one morning you arrive at your grow-spot to discover that somebody has ripped your entire crop from the ground. Devastating eh? Riley has designed this entire section of How to Grow Weed to ensure you have the knowledge at hand to make certain you are never put in this position. You will learn how to disguise your plants, hiding them from view and achieving the full benefits of the harvest:

Fencing to protect your crop from wild life: depending on where your grow-spot is you’ll need to outwit bears or chipmunks, squirrels or deer. This is not a one-size fits all activity, on page 437 you will discover the best fencing to use and – very importantly – how to use it

  • Remote irrigation: water your plants from a distance using this irrigation system or follow the advice on how to transport your water.
  • Peak harvest time for your guerilla grown buds
  • The undercover watering device: it takes around 30 seconds to set up, lasts for weeks, and costs less than $3

Protecting your Weed from Frost

Escape the desolation of losing your marijuana plants to frost by discovering:

  • When and where the frost risks will occur
  • How cannabis is affected by frost
  • Signs that you need to be vigilant
  • The wind-chill factor is so often ignored; fail to plan for it and you are simply inviting marijuana-disaster
  • Weather conditions and your cannabis: how humidity, moisture, and frost will affect your weed
  • Garden location: how to detect the paramount plot
  • The soil you should be using to allay frost damage
  • The immediate action you should take once you’ve realized frost is coming
  • Temperature thresholds: what air temperatures should have you taking preventative action
  • How color changes can warn you that frost is on the way

Greenhouse Marijuana Growing

Learn all about greenhouses and why they present you with a great place to grow your cannabis. Find out in detail:

  • The 12 major gains you will pull off by growing your cannabis in a greenhouse
  • The shortcomings of growing weed in a greenhouse
  • How to build your own greenhouse: a project guide itemizing the tools and materials required and exactly how to use them to construct a classy hothouse
  • Finally, before going off to start your outdoor weed growing career, you are strong advised to read Riley’s parting words on page 459 of How to Grow Weed

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