Marijuana Strains

Introduction to Growing Marijuana

It goes without saying really, but we’ll say it anyway: this section is designed to give you the basis on which everything else is built BUT it’s also designed to get you growing top quality weed right from the off. See, as early as chapter one you’ll be on your way.

We’ll use that old analogy of building a tower; it’s overused, yes, but that’s because it’s so apt. This first section of the How to Grow Weed system is the foundation on which everything else depends; get this under your belt and the whole thing won’t crash to the ground when you get to the twenty-first floor.

The weed you’ll be learning to grow will be amazing so you should be anticipating an amazing, continuing high without that nasty groggy plummet that comes with poor quality cannabis.
And remember, although we start off with the essential basics, you still get enough information in Chapter One to have you cultivating your own medical-grade marijuana from the off.

This is what you’ll learn in Chapter One

Marijuana Growing Basics

  • On page four you learn about the six ingredients that are vital if you’re going to produce the masses of dense sticky buds you’ve been dreaming of
  • Page seven might surprise you with the good, bad, and indifferent aspects of using weed
  • Page ten gives you the lowdown on using marijuana. You’ll learn about bongs, pipes, and vaporizers and we’ll give you valuable information about eating and drinking weed as well as using marijuana as an ingredient in tinctures, creams and lotions
  • Then, on page eleven, you find out how to grow great tasting, high-busting buds and exactly what it is about them that gets you high
  • On the next couple of pages you’ll read about potency and learn all you need to know about essential ingredients of weed like THC and CBD
  • On page fourteen we move onto where to grow and you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of growing weed indoors
  • Little surprise then that on page seventeen we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor weed cultivation
  • Want to know how much usable weed you’re plants will produce? It’s all there on page eighteen
  • Unsure about hydroponics versus soil? We explain the key differences on page nineteen; we’ll also tell you which grow system produces that moist, musty tang
  • Then on page twenty-one we’ll tell you what marijuana strain is the best choice for your first crop, and we’ll tell you why it’s the best choice too.

Marijuana Strains Magic

Starting on page twenty-three we look at the various marijuana strains and explain the different effects you can expect from each. Want to get high from the first toke? We’ll tell you the strain that will do that for you; this strain seems to affect each body part as it goes down, so the first thing to feel the effects is your face, shortly followed by your chest, very quickly followed by your entire body. Just ten to fifteen minutes in and you’ll be glowing.

The very different effects of Indica and Sativa are explained; they grow differently too and we’ll explain exactly how different they are and which type is best for your personality and your growing needs.

grow marijuana

On page thirty we look at the best strains for first-time growers then, two pages later we’ll tell you what you should be looking for when you’re choosing seeds. We’ll give you vital information about the plant, including what it smells like, how tall it grows, how much bud it produces, and the best growing conditions.

Live near the equator and yearning for the classic Kush flavor? We’ve got that covered on page thirty-three.

Then page thirty-four begins a four-page listing of all the currently popular strains. The list is organized by the types of high you can expect from each strain – how good is that! You choose your weed by how you want to feel, whether that’s a good old-fashioned psychedelic trip, giggly and sociable or deep couch-lock.

Choosing the right Weed Seeds for your Needs

Starting on page thirty-eight you’ll find out exactly what to look for to ensure the seeds you select are viable.

Then you’ll learn the signs of immature seeds that are frail or weak and just what to do about them.

Then we get to genetics and how important proper selection is to ensuring successful cultivation.
Want to know where you can get these top-quality weed seeds, sure in the knowledge that your privacy is respected and your dealings are safe? Page forty tells you all you need to know.
From page forty-one you’ll find Ryan’s personal seed-bank recommendations along with recommendations from experts in the field. You’ll be amazed – and delighted – at the low prices available. You’ll feel reassured when you read about stealth-packaging and long histories of reliable customer service and impeccable reputations.

You’ll find a complete seed bank review too, including details of secretive seed-banks that offer phenomenal strains producing pungent, heavily aromatic buds. Clear your diary if these are on the menu.

Bought marijuana seeds but not quite ready to plant? No worries, you’ll find out how to store them so that they’ll be just as viable in five years time as they are today. Seed storage is an important consideration and Ryan explains the two vital rules for ensuring your seeds maintain their quality for as long as they’re stored. So, on page forty-four, he’ll tell you about the storage method used by every major professional marijuana grower today.

Learn the optimum storage time for cannabis seeds, ensuring that whenever you plant them you’ll get pleasantly aromatic, powerful plants.

Page forty-five will be an eye-opener: learn how setting the refrigerator to the wrong temperature can harm your valuable seeds.

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