Grow Marijuana Seedlings

When your Weed Seeds have Sprouted

when your weed seeds have sprouted

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Find out:

  • How to tell when you move from seedling stage to the strong growing vegetative stage; once your marijuana seedlings reach the vegetative growth stage you know they’re on the way to producing strong plants
  • Oh no! Yellow leaves! Did you know that seedling leaves turning yellow is a very common occurrence among first time growers and that, almost without exception, these yellowing weed leaves are greeted with panic? Well, when it happens to you, you’re not going to panic because you read on page 149 exactly why this happens and how to put it right
  • Avoid killing off your delicate baby weed plants by making sure you have every facet of your lighting just right. Not only will you learn what lights are best, you’ll also find out the correct temperature and the optimum distance from the plants they should be
  • Water your seedlings without worry; giving just the right amount – not so much that the roots rot and not too little so they die

On page 151 you will find the simplest guide ever to planting your seedlings plus:

  • The optimum growth temperature
  • An insiders’ trick for identifying healthy roots and seedling growth
  • Ready to move on to the next stage? Got to page 152 for a simple yet effective method of transplantation
  • Another insiders’ trick appears on the very next page; this one will let you in on the secret of promoting seedling strength. Learn this lesson well and you’ll see the results in phenomenal yields later down the line
  • Produce healthy bushy plants and take pleasure in those dense frosty buds when it comes to harvest time – no problem with the tactic shared on page 153
  • You’ll find a simple method of fertilization here too
  • Ever wondered what perfect seedlings look like and how to avoid all the horror stories and disappointments you’ve read about? Well, here’s all you ever wanted to know!
  • So should those stems be purple? Riley tells you whether your weed stems turning purple is a good sign or signifies trouble ahead
  • Environmental factors help determine whether your marijuana plants will be male or female when there are three pairs of true leaves. There is, of course, a method of making sure you get a preponderance of female plants – and you’ll find that method on page 155
  • Do you like lists and bullet points? Good because, starting on page 156, Riley presents you with the 9 things you can do to ensure that your marijuana plants are female

Stress in Marijuana Plants

It’s like everything else in life really: treat your marijuana plants well and you will be rewarded by their good behavior. Think of it as bringing up well-behaved children…

When weed plants are stressed by a poor growing environment their rate of production goes down. In this section you have the opportunity to benefit from the combined input of many marijuana industry professionals plus, of course, Ryan Riley’s personal twenty years experience of weed growing. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel do we? Why learn from your mistakes when others have already learned from the self same mistakes before you?

So take yourself to page 157 of How to Grow Weed to find out:

  • The most common marijuana plant stressors, with real life examples
  • The single, major stressor that will inhibit your pot plants’ growth during every life-cycle phase
  • Why it is wrong to remove the large green leaves from your marijuana plants in the belief that the more light you can get on the lower leaves the more growth you’ll get. Yes, there is a time when you should remove those large fan leaves but if you do it at the wrong time your plants will be negatively affected
  • Another list; this time you’ll find out the Nine Common Culprits of Slow Plant Growth. Not just a list, however; this is a guide to troubleshooting failure to thrive when your weed doesn’t appear to be doing anything much

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