First Cannabis Restaurant In America Set To Open In West Hollywood

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Lowell Farms is an organic farm in Central California that exclusively grows cannabis. Their cannabis is legal, high-quality, and natural. It grows multiple strains of cannabis. It sells both all-natural smokes and CBD. The smokes are available only in California but they can ship CBD to other parts of the nation.

The cannabis can be purchased on its e-commerce site. Anything ordered here will be delivered via courier. The Lowell Farms brand is also available in over 350 California dispensary. Their cylinder smokes are made available in packs of 1 gram single smokes and multipacks. Among their current brands are Rolls Choice, The Dreamers Indica, OG Chem, Jack Skellington, and The Soothing Hybrid.

It also opening Lowell Cafe, the United States’ first cannabis restaurant. It is a hybrid California dispensary and restaurant. Lowell Farms was granted a business license by the West Hollywood Business License Commission on July 16, 2019, and the cafe is set to open on October 1, 2019. The initial plan was to offer a THC and CBD-infused menu. However, it instead serves normal restaurant food and customers can smoke cannabis on-premises.

Lowell Cafe offers farm fresh food, juice, coffee, and marijuana daily. Lowell Farms said it was grateful to the City of West Hollywood and its leadership’s vision to offer a place welcoming to cannabis consumers. The city created eight cannabis consumption licenses and the first was granted to Lowell Farms.

Lowell Cafe is a blend of a traditional California dispensary and a restaurant. There are two indoor areas. In one of these smoking marijuana is allowed, while in the other it is not. It also has an outdoor area where customers can smoke. Customers can pay for a “Tableside Flower Service.” A “Flower Host” will go over the effect of each strain of cannabis and what its flavor is like. They will also roll joints for everyone seated at the table.


The Lowell Cafe’s head chef is going to be Andrea Drummer. She called opening this restaurant a historic moment for marijuana and the United States. She wants to show people how marijuana can be responsibly used in a public setting. She wrote “Cannabis Cuisine: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana.” She has also been a personal chef for Chelsea Handler, Wiz Khalifa, and Miguel. She was on “Chelsea On!” and “Cooking on High.”

Andrea Drummer designed the menu at Lowell Cafe. Food and drinks are meant to complement the marijuana being smoked. The dishes include white bean hummus, fried chicken sandwiches, and grilled peaches and burrata. There is a dessert menu with ice cream sandwiches and peanut butter cookies, among other choices.

Lowell Cafe’s director is Kevin Brady. He stated that they anticipated there could possibly be weed odors that could bother people outside the restaurant. They have installed several air filtration systems that can do local capture. It’s the same type of system that is used in hospitals, labs, and Las Vegas hotels and resorts. There are also hundreds of plants that absorb odors as a backup.

Lowell Cafe will be open from 10:00 am to 2:00 am daily. People can buy marijuana from this California dispensary between the hours of 10:00 am to 9:50 pm. While the last call is at 9:50 pm, people can still smoke after that time whatever they purchased. Customers need to bring a state-issued ID to purchase cannabis. They will also need cash for marijuana while credit and debit cards are accepted for food and drink. They ask that everyone respect this restaurant’s neighbors by not being too loud and not littering.



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