Common Mistakes People Make When Growing Marijuana Plants

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Mistakes Growing Marijuana Plants

You might be a beginner or even a pro, but you find your marijuana plants are not giving you the best yields. This is something common. Sometimes it is because of the mistakes that you make when it comes to growing cannabis. Some mistakes can be costly as they lead to low yields despite having high yield seeds, sensi seeds can help you find the right seeds acording to the yields you have.

Well, not all people know that something is a mistake. We will help you identify some of the mistakes that you might have been making and do not know. Let us get to the list of mistakes already.

Using wrong manure

This is often the main culprit when it comes to mistakes. Not all the manure that is available on the market is good when it comes to performance. This is because some might not have enough nutrition or even the right nutrition for growing marijuana. Feminized cannabis seeds also can help you improve your harvest. It is therefore important for the grower to understand the different nutrients required first. From such information, you can now know if the manure you are about to pick will be great.

Also, you have to consider using the right dosage. Too much of the nutrients can also lead to low yields. Just keep it within the recommended dosage and you will see some major improvements.

Identify the pest early enough

It is common that many growers would notice the pests and mold when it has already advanced on the plants. At this point, it becomes quite hard to combat the various pests already in the grow room. It is therefore important to take preventive measures to keep the pests and mold out of the grow room.

You can use the fly strips in the room. Check them daily to see if there are any flies so that you can know the next step to take. Another thing to do is check the plants physically for any pests affecting it. If there is any trouble, you can always deal with it.

Positioning the lamps wrongly

This is also a common mistake that can really cost you when it comes to harvesting. If you are using the sodium vapor lamps, you get that they tend to lose the effectiveness quite quickly when there is an increase in the distance. As a result, you might want to consider getting the new LED lamps.

You still have to consider placing the lights at the right distance from the plants even if it is a bright or dim light. You have to also consider the room size, the patch size, and the overall lamp brightness.

Hanging the light too close might lead to damaging the plant because of having intensive heat from the lamps.

Lack of proper maintenance

It is often recommended that you keep the external influence to a minimum. As much as that is the case, you still have to deliver on the best maintenance so that the marijuana plants can grow better.

It is common that most growers would stop pampering their plants once they seem to have grown past a certain stage. Well, without proper maintenance, then you are likely to end up with a low yield. Some of the maintenance you have to do includes watering, pruning and more. If you are a beginner, then you might want to take more time to go through the various guides to know what kind of maintenance is needed.

Being too impatient

It is common that sometimes the growers can be too impatient. This is where they do not allow the plant to fully mature or even dry better before harvesting. You might want to give the plant enough time to go through the different stages so that you can have the best yields.

It is also possible that some might use artificial acceleration. This makes the plant to end up in having poor quality marijuana buds. Just make sure you provide the plant with all the important environment and leave it to grow better.

Resistance to listening to advice

Well, as much as not all advice is good, it does not mean you cannot listen. Right now, there is quite a lot of material online that can help you learn more about marijuana. Strains such as skunk #1 can also be easier to grow and maintain. But most people end up ignoring all that advice and opt for trial and error methods. You will end up wasting an investment simply because you could not follow good advice on growing marijuana.


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