Can CBD gummies get you high?

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The most common myth about CBD oil is that it can get you intoxicated? In this article, we will get to know more about CBD Gummies and if they have the ability to get you high. So, in brief, what are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are clinically proven gummy bears which are known to improve the consumer’s health without the awful taste, synonymous with CBD oil. These chewable supplements can be taken without any doctor’s prescription, as they contain no harmful or synthetic chemicals.

Currently, CBD Gummies are viewed as revolutionary supplements useful in treating various ailments and health issues. The CBD compound infused in most gummies is extracted from hemp as opposed to the marijuana plant. Obviously, this means they are legal to buy and use in nearly all States.

Do gummies infused with CBD intoxicate?

Besides being legal and prescription free supplements, CBD gummies offer their many therapeutic benefits in a non-psychoactive way. In other words, if you are hesitant about using CBD just because you think they can give you a high feeling, then you are mistaken. The first thing you should know about CBD Gummies is that they contain no THC. THC is a compound also found in cannabis plants, which is responsible for getting consumers high.

Unlike THC, CBD offers remarkable therapeutic benefits without causing any mind-altering and psychoactive changes. Once you take CBD gummies, the CBD compound in them interacts with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body organs.

The above-mentioned receptors are part of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) and can be found in various body organs including the brain, the nervous system, liver, kidney, connective tissues, and glands. The ECS has a vital influence on things such as inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain, and other motors functions.

From the above, you may have noticed that CBD is not linked to any psychoactive effects. Instead, its consumption promotes homeostasis, which ultimately helps in maintaining a proper internal body environment with enhanced health functions.

What’s more, since CBD gummies don’t make you high, they are a good option for medicating even when in the office or in a public place. They can be used without the fear of getting mind-altering effects, and some people have even compared their effects as those of drinking an energy drink or a cup of tea.

Why Choose CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies have already become a darling to many, mostly because of their startling health benefits that come with no psychoactive or intoxicating effects. Following are some key health-related reasons why you should choose CBD gummies

CBD gummies for inflammation

CBD gummies are handy in soothing down and relieving inflammation in the body, which is deemed as a major cause for numerous disorders. Essentially, with the reduction of inflammation, patients can considerably minimize the risks of developing some of the renowned severe and chronic diseases.

CBD gummies for stress and anxiety

For many years, the use of CBD has been linked to providing calming effects to the mind and body. In other words, if you need to relax your mind or body without consuming any intoxicating substances, CBD gummies are your ideal option. These gummy bears will calm your body while also alleviating the signs of anxiety, depression, and stress from your mind.

CBD gummies for pain management

If you are suffering from joint aches, muscle pains or ailments like arthritis, CBD gummies can come in handy. By taking them daily, you will cut the levels of inflammation by triggering the body’s natural ECS. Thus, it will help in easing aching joints and sore muscles effectively.


The fact is that CBD gummies cannot get you intoxicated in a typical way like what happens when one smoke, vape or ingest marijuana comprising of high percentages of THC. The type of effect you mostly get after consuming CBD is that of calm and balance. Thanks to CBD’s unmatched anti-anxiety attributes.

So, even if you have a difficult time at the office, (say, you are exhausted or stressed) you may need to consider CBD gummies as your natural health booster. You will definitely find yourself in a more productive and elevated mood.


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