Increasing Marijuana Buds Potency and Yield

Increasing Bud Potency and Harvest Yield

increasing bud potency and harvest yield

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There are a number of actions you can take to maximize the THC content of your cannabis plants as well as to increase your crop yield: the best, time-tested ones are included here:

  • Read about Mel Frank and his secret expert grower weapon. This is a powerful but simple to do technique and it causes so many buds you’ll find yourself with weed to spare! Mel gave his express permission for Riley to reveal this secret. You will find it on page 678
  • Discover the eight things you need to provide to your plant if it is to grow dense buds with large crystals, then learn how to do it for yourself
  • Five must-knows to produce strong, sticky, featherweight buds
  • Eight ways to encourage your plant to give the maximum quality and potency in a stupendously large yield
  • Read about the popular, commercially produced feeding goods available that claim to produce higher yields. There is no question that they work but they do so at the cost of flavor and potency. Who wants more of a bad thing? This in-depth discussion reveals what brands and products can be relied upon. Or not.
  • Fertilizers and their impact on flavor
  • The five additives that explode yield without nasty side effects. This list could be yours in minutes; it’s on page 665 of How to Grow Weed
  • High nitrogen feeding and its impact on foliage production
  • A highly classified secret revealed; this will have you producing mammoth yields of mega-potent bud. What’s more the product is sweet tasting and very moreish AND comes from inside your refrigerator. In fact, it might be in your refrigerator right now, as you sit reading this synopsis – page 667
  • Using your roots to get the most from your plants
  • If you’ve got a razor blade and a moderately steady hand, you can detonate root growth almost overnight; find out how
  • Grow the ideal indica/sativa mix but learn what you must avoid to get those big potent buds of your dreams
  • An essential step to take if you plan to grow envy-inducing weed indoors
  • Pruning tips to increase yields
  • Train your marijuana to direct its energy into a few selected flowering branches; the result with be outstanding buds on those selected branches
  • Remove this from your plant: learn what ‘this’ is, how to remove it, and why on page 672
  • Where to do your topping: illustrated picture guide leads you to buds that are packed with flavor and pack a punch
  • Discover the perfect air flow and how to achieve it; this simple technique will produce hairy buds par excellence
  • Advice on growing shorter than average plants, meaning you can lower your lights and provide focused light without burning
  • Scrogging and super-scrogging for massive yields: get up-to-date with this modified technique
  • An experimental cutting-edge technique for increasing resin production – it can’t be guaranteed health though…
  • How to bend and train your plants so they get maximum exposure to light and the resulting internal chemical alteration that has a direct influence on harvest yield. Another complete illustrated walkthrough appears on page 676
  • What you must do before you do anything else if you’re aiming to increase yield and THC content
  • How to start your garden off on the right note by planting your seedlings correctly. This fundamental step is something that too many people get wrong, resulting in stunted yield, lowered potency and really just rubbish plants
  • How water affects the taste, scent, potency and yield of weed and also have an effect on the mental and physical effects
  • Six powerful ways to enhance resin development, bud density, and harvest weight

Get Bushier, More Productive Weed Plants

Music! Yes, music! Scientists recently made a breakthrough that proved weed likes music; however, it’s only one type of music. Find out what that sound is on page 694 of How to Grow Weed

  • Secret ingredient revealed! Discover what it is and experience the amazing yield increase for yourself
  • Discover four new age ideas for promoting vigorous cannabis growth. As with most new age ideas, they sound a bit off the wall – but they work
  • Learn this method to increase growth and potency – beware though, it can only be used during the vegetative growth stage
  • Ever heard of biocontrols, where you use nematodes to get rid of the real bad guys? Well, among the insects, the mites, and the nematodes you will find the ladybug. Ladybugs will make your magical garden even more magical
  • Take up foliar feeding! Read the complete overview, including how to do it properly, thus avoiding mold and over-fertilization. Find out which nutrient, when put in the mix, will give you a supercharged nug growth. Oh, and how to wash the leaves for optimal taste too – no stone unturned
  • You can foliar feed your outdoor plants too; discover how on page 704
  • Find about the ground-breaking UK discovery that is proven to accelerate growth deep-down at cellular level. And then learn how to apply the science to your grow-space using a simple and affordable device
  • It stands to reason that bigger roots produce bigger buds. In How to Grow Weed, on page 708, you’ll uncover how to utilize this little bit of knowledge. You need to be very confident in your abilities, though, because this is far from an easy, quick-fix
  • Manipulate growth hormones – learn how from the accurate and knowledgeable guide that appears on page 706 Secret extract for a healthy growth surge, which means MORE BUDS SOONER. Find out what this ancient herb will do for YOUR weed plants. (pg. 708)
  • Eliminate tell-tale odors and enhance growth with a negative ion generator
  • How does Carbon Dioxide affect your Weed

    • How does carbon dioxide (CO2) affect your plants and why is it so popular among serious growers
    • How to elevate the CO2 levels in your grow area to boost your growth speeds and harvest
    • A complete overview of CO2
    • Calculating the right amount of CO2 for your grow-space: the formula made easy
    • The pitfalls of CO2
    • How to supplement with CO2 cheaply (under $5!)
    • Is that light from your CO2 generator undermining your grow operation? Is there a fly in the CO2 ointment? Find out how to detect the problem on page 685
    • Setting up a basic CO2 operation and how much it will cost you using a tank system
    • The truth about how long you can expect a small tank of CO2 to last so you can decide whether or not you think it’s worth it
    • Ryan Riley’s own modification technique – which he says is foolproof – that allows you to surround your plants with the maximum possible CO2
    • Conserving your CO2 supplies
    • Fermentation and CO2 – a how-to guide for producing oodles of crystals
    • Up to 100% increase on yield is good, right? Not to be missed, yes? But what about the downsides? Read about them before making your final decision – you’ll find all the information you need on page 689
    • If you’ve decided to go with the CO2, you’ll need to know how much to add to your grow room. Find out on page 689
    • The advantages and disadvantages of:
      • Fermentation
      • Vinegar
      • Baking Soda
      • Dry Ice

    These are easy homemade CO2 preparations for use with C02 in order to bring into being flavor-packed and potent buds

    • The connection between propane burners, CO2 canisters and killer buds
    • Create an effective CO2 generator in the comfort of your own home! Find the complete guide to what you need and how to build it starting on page 693
    • Are those CO2 analysis kits that you can now buy just a scam and a waste of good money; or are they essential

    Weed Odor Control & Elimination

    There’s no getting away from it, weed, whether still in plant form or being smoked, smells. Whether you love or hate the smell is irrelevant; what is relevant is that it is a very recognizable smell and not everybody is pro-weed. Don’t be discovered because you smell! What follows in this section are effective, supremely practical ways you can eliminate that tell-tale odor.

    • The simplest and most effective way to prevent any odor at all escaping from your grow room
    • Eighteen, yes, you read it correctly, eighteen – that’s one-eight powerful, speedy remedies to get rid of the smell. It’ll take a weight off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor even more than you do already
    • Ozone generators and using ozone to eradicate your grow room odors
    • Health Warning: Too much ozone is injurious to health and damages the lungs. Learn how to use this remarkable and powerful resource safely without damage to either your plants or yourself. Now do you want to download How to Grow Weed, so you can turn directly to page 714?
    • Recognizing over-exposure to ozone and the immediate action you must take
    • How over-exposure for a prolonged period of time adversely affects the human body and how to ensure you don’t do that while using it correctly to create healthy, frosty buds
      The complete safety guide to using ozone and preventing over-exposure
    • Active Carbon Filtration (ACF); what a prudent addition to your grow room. ACF is a leading odor removing tool and there is more information in How to Grow Weed on the topic than you will find anywhere else

    How to Grow Weed: Conclusion

    • Final Words
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Even More Information
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