Growing Elite Marijuana Bonuses

How to Grow Weed Bonuses

Along with Ryan’s groundbreaking work on growing weed, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Free Bonus #1 – The Cannabis Care Manual

how to grow weed bonuses

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In among all the excitement and fun of growing your own weed there will be times of worry too; what do you do, for instance, when you spot the terror of the spider mite chomping away on your precious buds? See those tiny webs? It looks like they’ve taken up residence. With free bonus gift #1, the Cannabis Care Manual even those spores of mold you think you just spotted won’t worry you.

This much coveted eBook originally sold for $34.95 (and sometimes more than that) but you get it free when you purchase How to Grow Weed.

The Cannabis Care Manual is more than just a scrappy little leaflet – it is 120 pages filled with important information for the serious cannabis grower. See how to eradicate those spider mite and other pests, how to manage pH, how to handle your plants’ nutritional needs, plus a whole lot more. And it’s yours for free.

Do you know how to identify all the problems that may afflict your marijuana garden? With this book in your hand you do. And the Cannabis Care Manual doesn’t just help you identify problems, it gives you instant solutions too.

Inside you’ll find…

  • Macro-photographs of every pest that ever tried to decimate a marijuana plant
  • Pictures of the effects of different nutrient deficiencies
  • The Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Troubleshooting guide: this guide gives you symptoms and cures for any marijuana related problem
  • In depth information concerning all nutritional deficiencies that might affect your crop; there are pictures and examples of what the symptoms might look like. It doesn’t just cover major nutrients either – micro-nutrients are listed too
  • Learn how to recognize and deal with plant stress the, once you’ve dealt with them, take preventive measures so that it never happens again
  • How to use chemical or organic controls to deal with plant diseases and afflictions such as molds and fungi. Then, once again, use the information provided to take preventative action and avoid it happening again

And it comes as a bonus with How to Grow Weed

Free Bonus #2 – The Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide

growing elite marijuana the complete system

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Can’t wait, want to jump straight in? That’s just fine because this downloadable audio .mp3 is designed for people just like you! Listen in and learn everything you need to know to start growing tonight if you want to

Inside you’ll find:

  • A complete step-by-step example of a 12-week cannabis grow project and every important element of the procedure is highlighted
  • Learn how to grow amazing bud the very first time you ever plant a seed – and you don’t even have to know the first thing about gardening
  • Discover Ryan’s covert method of getting instant results first time; a tactic that got him dozens of plants within thirty days
  • An entire plan to help you with watering, lighting and general maintenance of your weed
  • A step-by-step procedure that will have you harvesting within a few weeks
  • The system that will let you grow your weed almost without thinking about it
  • How to choose the right supplies: products that work but that won’t cost you a month’s salary
  • Learn about secret watering techniques of the masters
  • Get information on a stealth lighting system

Free Bonus #3 – The Stoner’s Cookbook

stoners cookbook

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($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Harvesting is done and you’re feeling satisfied (and stoned); then you think about all that green stuff that’s left behind. It seems criminal to throw it away; surely there must be some good stuff in it.

Well, you don’t have to bin it and, yes, it is filled to the gunwales with ‘good stuff.’ There are a number of things you can do with this precious commodity. The easiest and most immediate action you can take though is to use it in all your usual recipes – it gives more of a kick than ground black pepper! Lay more places at the table, you will have visitors.

The Stoner’s Cookbook was written with you in mind – easy to follow recipes: no fuss, no bother, just good food with a difference.

The Stoner’s Cookbook originally retailed at $39.50 but now it’s yours free with your purchase of How to Grow Weed, written by Ryan Riley specifically for the 420 community

stoners cookbook 2

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Inside you’ll find:

  • More than 57 pot-based recipes that take just minutes to bake, including the store-cupboard essentials: Cannabutter (and Cannaoil and Cannamilk).
  • With Cannabutter/Oil/Milk you will always have the basis of a marijuana meal on hand. Marijuana is fat soluble, which is why these commodities work so well. Simply substitute Cannabutter/Cannaoil/Cannamilk for the traditional versions in your recipe and you’ll have yourself a delicious ganja meal ready in minutes. Use these ‘building blocks’ in recipes such as:
    • Hash Fudge
    • Rich Chocolate Weed Brownies
    • Scooby Snacks
    • Baked Turtle Cheescake
    • Rice Krispy Treats
    • Triple Chocolate Smores
    • Marijuana Pie
    • Banana Bud Bread
    • Cannacoffee Milkshake
    • Herbal Spaghetti Sauce
    • Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes
  • And if those pot-head recipes aren’t enough to get your juices flowing, how about making your very own THC Tablets: read the step-by-step guide to making a weed product you can enjoy anywhere
  • And what about tinctures? Learn how to make THC drops easily
  • And here’s a big one: the legendary weed recipe from the heart of Japan. This recipe allegedly took over five years to perfect and is certainly not for the weak of heart; it is marijuana par excellence and the most potent way known to consume marijuana. Those who have braved this recipe report everything from pulsating blue lights to spiritual awakenings; the common theme in all these experiences, however, was a feeling of sheer bliss in a high that seemed to last forever. The average high lasted for 8 to 10 hours. Whether or not this is dangerous is not known but the step-by-step guide to its preparation is included for your entertainment

Free Bonus #4 – The Ultimate Strain Guide

ultimate strain guide

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

If you’re new to the marijuana grow-scene you’re probably finding it tough to know what seeds to buy but here to help you in your quest is The Ultimate Strain Guide. This amazing guide lists more than 1,000 marijuana strains but, more than that, it also incorporates for each strain:

  • High reports
  • Breeder Listing (where to get the strains)
  • Type (Sativa or Indica dominant; you need the exact ratios)
  • Lineage(Genetic Cross)
  • Indoor Harvest (Flowering Times)
  • Outdoor Harvest (Flowering Times)
  • Breeder’s Description

The seed and strain you choose sets the scene for the rest of the grow and you need all the information you can get on the different varieties so you can calculate how they will fit into your growing schedule.

You’ve entered the pleasure dome at a time when there are some amazing smokes to be had and you have access to thousands upon thousands of weed varieties. Choose wisely.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The five best known weed strains: just to whet your appetite, here’s a snippet at the number one listing:
    The first puff has your heart start racing and you immediately feel your eyes glaze over in pink, soon to be a very bright red. You taste kerosene at first, then chocolate and bubblegum on the exhale. The after-taste is that of exotic berries, of many types from around the world. One more small puff and you’ll be cruising for 5 hours. A total of 4 puffs and you’ll be Euphoric for 8-10 hours+
    This strain has been to known to fetch $60+ per gram and holds an estimated THC level of 36%. Many actors are requesting this strain and are paying upwards of $60+/gram. They are saying it’s better than the “skinny drug” because the high is more euphoric, lasts longer with no hangovers, allowing them to work the following day. Also, they are getting 10 times the doses from a single gram at half the cost of the “skinny drug”. When’s the last time you’ve heard of ten cannabis seeds costing $1000? The current King strain on the planet is…. the answer is on page three of The Ultimate Strain Guide
  • Descriptions of these top strains include comprehensive descriptions of:
    • Sativas
    • Indicas
    • Feminized
    • Cross Breeds
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Height
    • Potency
    • Harvest Yield
  • Find out how to select a dependable seed bank – there are plenty of rip-off merchants around
  • Discover who the expert growers rely on to supply their seeds
  • Which companies are known for their reliability?
  • Where are the covert, one-man bands who supply those legendary strains you’ve only read about?
  • Riley’s personal supplier list, which is small but perfectly formed

Free Bonus #5 – Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

build your own homemade smoking devices

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Instructions for building over 114 pipes and bongs from household items; there are step-by-step directions, complete with pictures to make them all straightforward to build.

Inside you’ll find:

  • All you ever wanted to know about bongs with design plans and considerations. Get to understand:
  • The Water Test
  • Scraping your bong
  • Homemade smoking device aesthetics
  • Materials
  • Safety
  • Liquids

Discover more than 114 designs for pipes and bongs, with construction plans for:

  • The Bamboo Ripper
  • Apple Pipes
  • Scent Hiding Steamrollers
  • The Chinese Waterfall Bong (plus how to use a Gravity Bong)
  • The Trippy Acid Trip Bong
  • The Magical Lumberjack Pipe
  • Honey Bear Bong

Learn how to roll like a pro – and then wait to be called every time one of your friends wants to skin up. This guide gives you pictorial instructions to rolling Elite Blunts; you will be envy of your friends, and their friends, and…

Build a vaporizer! Included in this guide are the complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the Volcano

Free Bonus #6 – Ganja Etiquette

ganja etiquette

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Wherever people gather together on a regular basis a set of unwritten, unspoken rules develops; when a newcomer unwittingly breaks one of these rules the find themselves ostracized from the community without knowing why.

If you find that all of a sudden people are avoiding you and nobody wants to smoke with you, the chances are you’ve breached ganja etiquette – broken one of those unspoken rules. The Ganja Etiquette Guide will help you avoid this embarrassing situation by sharing with you the pet hates of long-time smokers and others who are part of the weed elite.

Would it surprise you to know that there are 41 Unspoken Social Rules of Smoking and, because they’re unwritten and unspoken, you won’t know if you’re breaking one or more of these rules until people stop talking to you. Even then it’s unlikely you will discover exactly what rule it is that you’re supposed to have broken.

Ganja Etiquette is designed to prevent you from making embarrassing faux pas.

Free Bonus #7 – Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

deadly marijuana growing mistakes

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

There’s nothing new under the sun, and that encompasses weed growing mistakes. Riley found that after twenty-plus years of teaching others to grow weed he could predict the mistakes they would make – because everybody makes the same mistakes!

Even experience growers aren’t immune, they too make devastating errors, and their errors also follow a pattern.

Probably the number one newbie mistake is over-watering, and eventually killing, their plants. The more advanced growers tend to make their most common mistake during the final weeks of harvest when they don’t offer their plants enough protection against moulds and fungus.

Because the most common errors are committed so regularly, Ryan has created a downloadable audio .mp3 Introducing Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes where you will find:

  • A list of the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them – the majority of newbies, with their undeveloped watering and germination skills, kill as many as three batches in the first week!
  • Why almost every marijuana grower – 99% of all growers – uses the worst growing methods and how you can ensure you’re in with the remaining 1%
  • Learn never to lose a single plant – and, yes, it can be done
  • The world’s premier growing mistake, made by almost every first-time grower
  • How to avoid losing hard-earned cash by buying your sees from unscrupulous dealers

Free Bonus #8 – Marijuana Security Blackbook

marijuana security blackbook

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

You know that when you start growing marijuana you put yourself at risk of night-time visits from the drug squad. They’ll come in and rip the place apart in an effort to find what they’re looking for.

You can safeguard yourself from such aggressive events; the Marijuana Security Black Book gives you powerful and effective ways to make sure you never, ever get caught.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Practice the Art of Stealth: how to keep your grow-place secret whether indoors or out
  • Thermal imaging technology – learn how to protect yourself from this intrusive piece of kit
  • Learn from others’ mistakes; hear what mistakes they made that led to them being caught; then ensure you don’t make the same mistakes
  • Know your facts and your rights
  • Learn the art of safe purchasing – both online and in bricks and mortar shops
  • Avoid your electricity use spiking and attracting the interest of officialdom
  • Free Bonus #9 – Exclusive 420 Membership Club Card

membership club card

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana – The complete system with 9 bonuses
($10 Discount Coupon: STICKY420)

Get your copy of Growing Elite Marijuana today and gain instant lifetime access to Membership of this organization brings you free future updates on any of the products and goodies offered here. What’s more, those updates are free for life.

This is the third edition of Growing Elite Marijuana and Ryan is perfectly serious when he says he wants it to be the #1 resource for all marijuana growers anywhere on the planet.

This determination means that there most definitely will be updates and that over time the program will get even better and more complete. It will always be easy to follow but there’s a fair chance that it will get even easier to follow, after all Ryan’s aim is to bring this information to everybody in a form they can easily understand. Whenever those updates happen, whether it’s next week, next month, next decade, you won’t have to pay a dime.

NOTE: Growing Elite Marijuana is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Refunds will NOT be given if you fail to read the product description.

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