Biotech CBD Cream: A New Kind of Pain Relief

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Biotech CBD Cream

You know what they say when it comes to working out. “No pain no gain.” But you don’t have to suffer in pain to be healthy. There are products formulated specifically to treat the aches and pains that come with extreme sports, overexertion, and strength training. One of the newer products on the market, CBD-infused Biotech CBD Cream might be just what the doctor ordered to relieve those aches and pains.

Biotech CBD Cream: A New Kind of Cannabinoid

Biotech CBD Cream has its beginning almost 20 years ago. Since California legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes back in 1996, nearly a quarter of a century ago, the popularity of cannabis-infused products has exploded. Research into how cannabis compounds known as cannabinoids might help in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions including pain has also exploded.

One of the major finds resulting from this tidal wave of research is that in addition to THC, the cannabinoid which causes people to get high, there is another cannabinoid which is non-intoxicating and which may actually provide greater health benefits than THC. It is known as cannabidiol or CBD and it’s the second-most abundant cannabinoid. Today, CBD is produced from strains of cannabis which have been bred to be effectively devoid of THC qualifying them to be called hemp rather than marijuana. Same plant. Different mix of cannabinoids.

Many experts in the industry are predicting that in the coming years CBD-infused products will actually grow at a faster rate than THC-infused products. And, aside from the fact that CBD doesn’t get you high, there’s good reason for this. Not only does CBD appear to provide a wider variety of health benefits than THC, it has also been shown to have the ability to reverse some of the damaging side effects that can come with THC such as short-term memory loss, and long-term psychological effects.

One of the most celebrated properties of CBD is its ability to reduce pain.

How Biotech CBD Cream Reduces Pain

There are three ways that Biotech CBD Cream helps to reduce pain. These include reducing inflammation which causes pain, desensitizing pain receptors, and increasing the production of neurotransmitters involved in pain relief.

One of the major causes of pain is inflammation. Reduce the inflammation you reduce the pain. Many over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen work specifically by reducing inflammation.

As the word suggests, inflammation is an inflaming of injured tissues. Symptoms of inflammation include swelling, redness, and increased temperature at the site of injury. Inflammation is a protective response. When you overwork or strain a muscle, you create micro-tears in the muscle’s fibers. When your immune system detects damage, it releases inflammatory mediators in order to repair the tissue. The buildup of proinflammatory proteins causes stiffness, redness, swelling, and pressure which, in turn, activates pain nerves. This is why sports injuries often result in a hot, swollen muscle or joint, and it’s also why ice and anti-inflammatories are effective at reducing pain. Ice slows the flow of blood to the injury site while anti-inflammatory compounds help to regulate proinflammatory responses.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory abilities are well-documented. In fact, the U.S. government has actually awarded itself a patent on CBD and other cannabinoids for use as an anti-inflammatory agent. The opening abstract on the application reads as follows:

The application relates to the identification that cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol can be used to treat inflammatory diseases. Cannabinoids for use in treating inflammatory diseases, methods of treating inflammatory diseases and cannabinoids in combination with pharmaceutically acceptable carriers are claimed.

There have been numerous research studies which have confirmed CBD’s anti-inflammatory powers. It’s why Biotech CBD Cream works so well. In 2016, a research report entitled “Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis,” the authors of the study concluded, “These data indicate that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects.”

One year earlier, in 2017 a research report entitled “Attenuation of early phase inflammation by cannabidiol prevents pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis,” determined that CBD may be useful for the treatment of joint pain. Another study performed a year before that resulted in a report entitled, “Involvement of the endocannabinoid system in osteoarthritis pain.” Authors of the report note that CBD shows promise as an effective treatment for arthritis.

Other Ways Biotech CBD Pain Cream Reduces Pain

Cannabinoids such as the CBD found in Biotech Pain Cream have also been shown to reduce pain by interacting with pain receptors in the central nervous system and brain. In fact, cannabinoids have been shown to interact with opioid receptors in the brain in ways that can reduce pain. CBD also increases production of neurotransmitters which interact with receptors called TrpV1 which are involved in pain response. CBD desensitizes these receptors and calms pain-sensing nerve endings.

Biotech CBD-infused pain cream is specially formulated with a variety of ingredients which are proven to help reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Some of the more common ingredients found in sports creams such as Biotech Pain Cream include menthol, camphor, and tea tree oil. Aside from helping to reduce inflammation, these natural ingredients also help the product to penetrate into sore muscles and to numb pain sensors.

How To Use Biotech CBD Cream

Biotech pain cream is one of around a dozen product lines offered by Diamond CBD. One look at the customer reviews of Biotech creams on Diamond’s website and you’ll get a sense of how happy Biotech users are with the product.

One such review reads, “This CBD cream is AWESOME! I’ve had severe back issues for years and when I rub the cream on my back, within minutes I’m able to move better, bend, and I’d say it takes away at least 75% of my pain away. I highly, highly recommend this product!”

Another customer review states, “Instant pain relief for myself and 4 of my co-workers. I enjoyed looking at the looks of shock on their faces. If chronic pain is affecting your life Biotech 1000 mg cream may be your solution.”

And there are also dozens more similar comments.

Biotech CBD Cream: Give It A Try

Biotech CBD-infused pain creams come in three different strengths — 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1,000 mg of CBD.

To use CBD-infused Biotech pain relief cream, simply massage a small amount of the formula into sore muscles and joints. You should begin to feel the soothing effects of menthol, camphor, and tea tree oil almost immediately which the CBD begins to work its magic.

To purchase Biotech’s CBD-infused pain cream, visit Diamond CBD’s website. While you’re there, sign up for their mailing list to receive discount coupons which could save you money on literally hundreds of CBD-infused products.



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