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Are the daily stresses of life manifesting physically on your face? Have a go at charcoal masks imbued with CBD for skin that is brighter and clearer.

Weed is great for skin and there is no denying it. We now know how to mix it with other components to use it dermatologically! How about those popular charcoal masks? You can use them with cannabis, too.

You could be breaking out due to the weather or stress. You might be suffering from dry peeling skin on your nose, or skin that is full of grease and oil on your forehead and chin. With ingredients you can find at home, you can create a great mask that is smoothing, soothing, and anti-irritant.

One ingredient that is taking the world of facial care by storm is activated charcoal. You can find it in a lot of beauty products at drug stores. It’s great for exfoliation and clearing skin, especially if you are suffering from clogged pores. Facials and masks are already relaxing enough, so why not add a little cannabis to the recipe? Tender loving care with CBD is the way to go, so let’s try adding them to charcoal masks for an even fresher skin.

CBD and Activated Charcoal

People on the World Wide Web are fawning about the wonders of activated charcoal. It has been lauded by people in the medical field for years for aiding in digesting. And now it adds skincare to its list of feats!

Because activated charcoal is great at absorbing, it can remove damaging stuff like bacteria, oil and dirt from your pores. You can even use it for exfoliation so that your face will feel smoother and cleaner than usual.

Another great thing it can do is purification. So if you’ve got acne troubles, activated charcoal will be a great help.

Now imagine all of the benefits of activated charcoal will weed! Your skin will become even more amazing.

CBD as an ingredient to facial care can be used in fat or oil form, making people feel relaxed and serene. Since it has properties against inflammation, it can even aid in abating pimple problems that can affect your skin. Additionally, hempseed and CBD oil when imbued into skincare products can get rid of skin diseases like psoriasis. It also works great for fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

You’ll be feeding your skin AND soul with this great booster of a beauty product. So let’s get started on making this do-it-yourself charcoal mask with CBD!

The Ingredients

Let’s start with hempseed or CBD oil. Where do you get it? If they are legalized in your state, you won’t have a hard time acquiring them. They are often used in healthcare procedures like topicals, so you have quite a list of products as a selection.

One way to distinguish hempseed oil from CBD oil is that the former is legalized in all places and has its own great properties aside from skincare and calming effects.

If you can’t easily acquire CBD oil at dispensaries or online due to it not being legal in the state you live in, fret not. You can even make your own CBD oil with this recipe.

Oil Base Infused with CBD

  • Cheesecloth
  • Distilled water (three cups)
  • Ground weed (one/fourth once)
  • Olive oil (one cup)


  1. For starters, get a pot and pour your weed, water and oil in it. Close the pot with a lid and put the fire to a low heat. Let it simmer for one and a half hours. Mix it with a stirrer on occasion. Make sure your oil and weed do not burn.
  2. Get your cheesecloth and use it to line your strainer. Make sure you put several layers. Use this to strain the oil and water from your cannabis. Make sure you put the liquid mixture into a container. You can set aside the weed for other recipes you are making.
  3. Wait a few hours. This is for the liquid mixture to get to room temperature. When it does, the water and oil will separate. Put it in the freezer for one hour. After this, the oil will separate from the water completely. You can spoon it out to use it with the mask.

Charcoal Mask Imbued with CBD

  • CBD oil (three teaspoons)
  • Aloe vera gel (one/half cup)
  • Turmeric (two tablespoons)
  • Witch hazel (one/fourth cup)
  • Chamomile tea bags (two steeped and cooled)
  • Activated charcoal (one teaspoon)

Once you have collected all ingredients, you can now put it together. Mix them in a glass bowl with the CBD oil you bought at the store or made yourself. This will turn into a gel-like substance.

Now you are ready to apply the mask. First, you have to open up your pores. This is so that the ingredients will go inside your skin more effectively so you can maximize all the ingredients’ benefits. Do this by taking a shower that is hot and steamy. Cleanse your face and apply the mask to your skin. Make sure you don’t put any on your nose, mouth and eyes. Use a makeup brush to make things easier, but a hand works as well, too.

Put the chamomile bags under your eyes. This will soothe the dark circles under your eyes, and any fine lines surrounding it. After a few minutes, you can rinse the mask off and remove the bags. Your skin will now look better while you feel calmer and cooler.

CBD and Activated Charcoal Work Wonders Together

Activated charcoal doesn’t just help with digestion. It can do amazing things with skin, too. And CBD with activated charcoal takes your skin to levels so high you never thought you could reach it before. You will look glowing and fresh-faced. Once you’ve tried this mask, it will become part of your regular skin routine.


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