LED & HID Grow Lights – Marijuana Lighting

Marijuana Lights

This is a big section in the How to Grow Weed system, reflecting just how important lighting is and what a huge impact bad lighting/good lighting will have on the final harvest.
Different lighting conditions are required for each of your weed’s lifecycle and Ryan’s advice will ensure you get it right. And, despite this being a very long chapter, it is devoid of fluff and stuffing; the information you need is presented clearly, concisely, and attractively.

LED & HID Grow Lights – Marijuana Lighting

Weed Lighting

By the time you get to page eighty-five you’ll be ready to move onto probably one of the most important parts of marijuana cultivation: lighting. You’ll discover:

  • The components that go to make a complete weed-growing light system
  • Which of these components you need right now so you can start growing right now
  • How marijuana plants use light for photosynthesis (turning light to energy) and how to use lighting to enhance the process
  • What Riley has learned from twenty years of trial, error, and experimentation and the lighting system he now uses based on those twenty years

Marijuana Lighting Basics

Page eighty-seven takes you through lighting requirements for growing marijuana both outside and indoors, including natural sunshine cycles

  • How to assess the lighting in your garden and how to use that information for maximum effect
  • About the difference between warm and cool light sources and what effects these different temperature lights have on your crops


  • A jargon-free explanation of how light temperature and color is classified


  • How light is distributed
  • Why different marijuana needs different colored light for each growth phase from the comprehensive lighting color analysis provided

Weed Light Sources

The first one hundred pages are under your belt now and it’s time to learn how professional marijuana growers use light to maximize the seed yield and the quality of the crop. Use their practices to maximize your own crop by learning:

  • What light source emits exactly the right light for producing those large, frosty buds you’ve been anticipating
  • What is the very best light you can get for your own cultivation set-up and budget
  • Why you should treat your lighting system with respect and how dangerous light bulbs can be if not handled properly. Number one rule is never to touch a hot light bulb if your fingers are oily from cannabis; if you do you risk the bulb exploding and sending sharp shards of hot glass flying through the air, where they become a lethal weapon. You will find all the safety advice you need on page 102.

Fluorescent Lighting Marijuana Systems

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using fluorescent lighting in your grow system, and guess where you’ll find out…

  • How to correct use of the right fluorescent lights can increase your bud growth
  • How choosing the wrong fluorescent lights can harm your crop
  • How to set up an effective fluorescent lighting system
  • All you need to know about compact fluorescent systems (CFLS)
  • What wattage and color temperature you should be using in your CFLS
  • How to set up your CFLS to give the correct day/night balance
  • How using your CFLS properly will maximize your crop
  • Exactly where to site your lights for maximum bud growth
  • All this and we’re still only at page ninety-five; that’s what cutting out the padding and jargon will do for you!

Hydroponic Marijuana LED Grow Light

hydroponic marijuana led grow light

This is where you’ll find out all you need to know about using LED lighting in your weed growing set up, including:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of using LED lighting for marijuana cultivation
  • All the information you need to help you choose between LED and HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting

Hydroponic Marijuana HID Grow Light

hydroponic marijuana hid light

Riley offers a useful overview of HID lighting systems including information on:

  • Metal halides (MH)
  • The four big benefits of using metal halide lamps in your grow system
  • Using multiple light sources to ensure your weed gets the right light balance for each growth stage
  • High-pressure sodium lighting (HPS)
  • What type of light is best for each growth stage, including when you should favor metal halides and when high-pressure sodium would be the best choice
  • How to recognize when your HPS bulb is past its peak output and therefore avoid cultivating weak and leggy crops
  • On page 102 you’ll be amazed to find out how one very widely used light bulb is death for your pot plants – and, of course, Riley tells you which bulb that is so you can avoid it
  • The very best lighting to use during the flowering stage
  • Which light should be used during the vegetative growth phase to produce optimum bud formation
  • What light source will give you the best results during the germination phase
  • Then, on page 103, Riley tells you how he gathered all this and devised a lighting system that beats all others in terms of crop yield and quality

And still, we’re not finished! In How to Grow Weed Riley leaves no stone unturned – he even tells you:

  • Whether you can use a metal halide bulb in an HPS system
  • The minimum rating needed for your bulbs to work – get this wrong and you might just as well not bother with lights at all
  • How to replace your bulbs properly so they don’t burn out almost as soon as you put them in

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