6 Perfect Marijuana Strains for Growing Indoors

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Strains for Growing Indoors

Cannabis can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Nevertheless, many people often like growing it indoors. This is because they are a number of elements that you can easily control while you grow indoors. There is no doubt you are going to have a good time working with the right marijuana strains that would do better indoors. Yes, there are those that would definitely do better outdoors. However, this time we get to focus on the top stains meant for indoor growing.

  1. Sensi Skunk Automatic

This is a common strain that many users love. This is because it is easy to grow and will deliver on some rewarding yields generally. You get it also being quite the best in terms of quality. You can always get that it does not even need gardening experience to grow. The same goes for the gardening equipment.

The strain is good for those who are just starting out as marijuana farmers. They will end up with a strain that gives them the motivation to continue growing marijuana. You will also love it for having the bright notes of lime and lemon when used. The effects of the strain while smoked can be overpowering making it good for relaxation.

  1. Northern Lights

If you have been growing marijuana for a while, then you must know what northern lights is all about. This is because the strain has won multiple awards. You also get it being sang in many songs. Getting this strain definitely opens opportunities when it comes to working with it.

The best part is that as a grower, you do not need a lot of experience in growing marijuana strains. This is for people who want to try something special. With a short flowering period of 55 days, you should find it being good for ease of harvesting. You can even have up to 3 harvests in a year with this kind of marijuana strain.

  1. Big bud

Another strain you have to keep in mind should be the Big Bud. This strain is known for having some tall plants. This means you might want to have more room in the growing area. Nevertheless, the strain is known for having quality buds and also high yields. You will not even have to do a lot of work and you will end up with the best marijuana strain definitely.

It is often recommended that you grow it using the SOG technique. This will help in having better performance when it comes to having dense buds.

  1. Silver Haze

For those people who love sativa strains, then this is a nice option for you to consider right now. It can be quite a tall plant, have a long flowering period, but it is still good for overall use. The good thing about the strain is that it will give you some good yields in the end. You will also love the fact that it is reliable and homogenous on overall. You should have a good time when it comes to working with it on overall.

  1. The maple leaf indica

This is a nice option for those who still want to grow their weed indoors. Over the years, reports show that this strain is good for having high yields, reliable growth patterns, and also a short flowering period. With a short flowering period, you can end up having more harvests in a single year. Having the best in terms of keeping you high drives more people to think in the line of getting it generally.

The strain still has some impressive genes passed on from the parents. You should then be likely to love it having a combination of different favorable features.

  1. American Dream

This is another top marijuana strain you should definitely consider growing indoors. It is all about giving you the best in terms of better genes, impressive bud quality, and better potency. These are things any marijuana grower would want to see in their marijuana strain.

The buds are often dense, so you should expect to end up with some high yields all the time. You will also love the flowering time of just 50 days. This makes it good to ensure you never have to worry about flowering time on overall.


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