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Chocolate might be easy to eat, but preparing it sure isn’t easy!

It might not be rocket science, but it definitely IS a science AND an art. If you every plan on opening a chocolate business, you’d have to master it and it’s no joke. Some people even go to schools dedicated to molding graduates into successful chocolate makers.

That’s just working with chocolate. So what about putting chocolate and cannabis together to make weed edibles? Sounds like an amazing combination especially to all chocoholics out there, but it can be very exasperating. That’s why we’ve prepared our list of 5 things you need to remember when making chocolate edibles!

1) Make sure you use REAL chocolate. The flavor will depend on this.

We’re all pretty careful about where we buy our weed right? We buy them from legit dispensaries and stores, not from some shady dealer in a trench coat selling dope from the back of his van. This is because we want to be sure of the quality and the high we get from weed. The same applies to chocolate! Make sure your buying real chocolate of high quality, because this will affect how your edible will taste. It doesn’t have to be expensive, because there are tasty affordable chocolates out there. You just have to find one perfect for your taste buds and budget! A taste test will be very helpful, and once you’ve chosen one, ask the supplier about what specifications are needed for tempering.

2) Don’t lose your temper when tempering chocolate!

Like we’ve previously mentioned, it can be hard to work with real chocolate. This is because any temperature changes can affect it. The sole fat found in real chocolate is cocoa butter, which is composed of various fatty acids which solidify at different temperatures. This is what makes tempering chocolate finicky, but that’s a must-do if you want to be able to mold, enrobe or dip with the chocolate! It’s like trying to get artists with different styles to work on the same painting. It’ll look like a mess without clear specifications. But once you get the hang of it, your chocolate mass will crystallize stably.

3) Practice makes perfect.

We’re not done with tempering yet! There is a long list of chocolate tempering methods. Tabliering (also called tabling) and seeding are among the most commonly used. If you want to go down the easy route, try the seeding technique. This is when you grate tempered chocolate into melted chocolate. The entirety of the chocolate mass bust at the right temperature before you stop. Once tempered, keep it in motion by stirring to maintain its status. Check it frequently, too.

4) Making chocolate edibles isn’t just dashing bits of weed into melted chocolate.

If you want a chocolate edible with great consistency and taste, you have to use a cannabis product that is of high quality and reliability. You don’t just infuse your weed and voila, you’re done! We’ve discussed how chocolate quality affects flavour. The same goes with weed, because they also have their own particular profiles of flavor. You’ll be surprised about which work together well! It’s a process of experimenting with different recipes and mixtures again and again until you get one that’s perfect for you.

5) Dosing is accurate and consistent with chocolate edibles.

Make sure the weed is systematically mixed into the chocolate. You must deposit, cut and pipe the right amount into the chocolate mass. When you’re done producing it, do testing for CBD and/or THC levels. It must be the same for each piece of square. This is to assure the accuracy of your product’s dosage. A label will be very informative so your clients know how much they’re taking for each serving, and what they’re taking.

We hope this article helped, for both weed and chocolate lovers alike. Don’t stress too much if you don’t get it right the first time. You’ll have the best job ever – eating all your failed creations!


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