Marijuana Pruning, Maintenance, Diseases and Pests

Cannabis Maintenance

The majority of those huge, technical tomes on how to grow cannabis never go as far as this. They get you as far as plopping in a seed and… that’s it! So you could be forgiven for thinking that after you’ve planted the seed you just sit back and await the glory of a huge crop. Well, it’s wake up time. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view! If truly are interested in cultivating wondrous crops of excellent quality weed and the pleasure of knowing exactly what it is you are smoking, then the fact that Riley has included advice on caring for your crop up to and beyond harvest is very good news indeed. Traditional gardeners don’t plant their seeds and then wait for the flowers to appear in the summer; they cherish and pamper their plants, taking action to ensure they have the biggest and brightest flowers, or the plumpest and sweetest fruits and vegetables. Why should growing marijuana be any different?

The Fundamentals of Marijuana Maintenance

In this section of How to Grow Weed you’ll find basic but very important information on:

  • Tying in and supporting your plants when they begin to droop under the weight of the buds (which they will if you’ve put into action even half of what you’ve learned in How to Grow Weed). Discover the cheapest and most effective methods of plant support
  • Learn by Riley’s mistakes – eleven of them, in The Top 11 Most Common Growing Mistakes Ever. It wasn’t just Ryan Riley who made these mistakes, it was almost every newbie out there. You don’t need to repeat the error

Training Cannabis

pruning cannabis

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This section of How to Grow Weed itemizes every method ever used to train cannabis. Learn these and you will have earned the title Cannabis Growing Expert.

  • What you should do if you accidentally break a stem
  • How to prune; the Complete Guide to Pruning starts on page 464 and itemizes
    • Why you should prune
    • Pruning in detail
    • Pruning to maximize bud growth and quality
    • What tools you should never use to prune weed – unless you want to kill the whole plant stone dead
  • Pruning to let in the light
  • The one and only time you should ever remove a fan leaf
  • Pruning low down on the plant, pruning the tips, and pruning inside the plant
  • Make your plant look taller by pruning in a certain way
  • Pruning to stimulate the release of growth hormones

Topping your Marijuana Plants

Topping – cutting the top off – your weed plants can be scary. It needn’t be; discover:

  • How to top to double your harvest
  • Topping FAQs
  • Topping step-by-step
  • Why you should top and what the benefits are
  • Topping and weed growth

Pruning and Training Weed

Get the lowdown on:

  • Pruning and Training to achieve a lower outline
  • Detailed instructions for lower profile pruning and training
  • Materials needed for lower profile training
  • Step-by-step illustrated guide to low profile pruning and training

Paperclip Weed Training

Probably the most in-depth guide to paperclip training you will ever read starts on page 483 of How to Grow Weed. See:

Five major improvements that come with paperclip techniques and how to achieve them:

  • Sweet smell
  • Astounding taste
  • Lots of large hairs
  • Beautiful color
  • Impressive cropping

How to Grow Weed: FIM Training

A non-jargon, clear and easy to follow account about FIM – including what the acronym stands for:

  • The one action you must always take before cutting your plant
  • FIM step-by-step in startling closeup
  • What your plant should look like after two days FIM management
  • FIM and the smooth comedown
  • FIMMING versus Topping: the experts’ secrets
  • Four key actions that guarantee a strong bud each time
  • What is bushing and how and why should you use it
  • Bending your weed to attain bud greatness

Plus: Don’t ever do this if using string to bend your crops. What is this? Find out on page 492 of How to Grow Weed

Low Weed Stress Training

What is Low Stress Training (LST) and when and how should you use it?

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Low Stress: No guesswork involved, just the facts about how to reap huge, potent crops using this method
  • The fundamental fact about LST that you must know if you are to reap success
  • How LST works
  • A simple LST technique that stimulates bud growth
  • Four Keys to LST
  • The most effective material you can use for LST
  • Why LST works
  • High Stress Training – pushing it to the max

How to Grow Weed: Air Layering

A favorite technique of traditional gardeners now used by experts in the field of cannabis growing. Master this technique and you will transform your weed plot into a magical wonderland. Read on and learn:

  • Air layering done properly
  • Air layering step-by-step: another fully illustrated tour, taking in the high spots of Air Layering and leaving out the bewilderment
  • Example pictures, including those that went wrong. You won’t make the same mistakes…

How to Grow Weed: Super Cropping

If you get this technique right it is the single most effect training technique you can use with your marijuana. Super Cropping results in super stems and super stems literally suck those nutrients up and build the most enormous buds with them. How to Grow Weed tells you:

  • The importance of recovery time for supercropped weed plants
  • How to implement the training and what to do as you observe your plants getting ever taller
  • What action, when eliminated, will truly result in stunted growth and a late harvest
  • How far you can bend your plants without breaking the stems and when you should back-off

Tie and Training your Marijuana

  • How and why to Tie and Train your marijuana plants
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step guide to help you Tie and Train
  • Fully annotated image of the results of Tie and Train

Monster Weed Cropping

You may or may not have heard of Monster Cropping – it is a hot off the press new technique that results in elite cannabis crops. This very easy-to-follow system is explained in detail in How to Grow Weed so you can reap the astonishing benefits

The Cannabis Care Manual

Your one-stop guide to identification, treatment and prevention of a whole host of problems related to growing marijuana, including:

  • Marijuana Plant Sickness
  • Stress
  • Pests
  • Mold
  • Fungi
  • Diseases
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

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