Weed Seed Germination

Growing the Best Marijuana

Now we’ve got the basics nailed we come to the best bit; this, after all, is what How to Grow Weed is all about. We guarantee that what you read from now on will have your mind racing about all the things you plan to do to maximise your crop and its potency.

It is here where Ryan Riley’s intention of cutting through all the crap and drilling right down to the core of the matter becomes clear. This jargon-free zone is written with the specific intention of passing on good quality information in an easily assimilated way – it will excite you and you will grow mammoth crops of fat sticky buds because of this information.

Weed Seed Germination

weed seed germination

So, we start off with an overview of marijuana germination, along with:

  • How to know whether you’re doing it right or not
  • Average germination figures, so you will know how many seeds out of ten are likely to germinate if you take all the advice in the How to Grow Weed eBook
  • When your seeds will sprout – to the day
  • How to recognize bad plants so that you can remove them before they bring disease and pest infestation to the rest of your crop
  • The correct temperature for seed germination
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about marijuana seed banks
  • An infallible method for germination in soil
  • Planting depth for a superior product
  • How to light sprouts and seedlings to perfection and thereby set yourself on the road for an ace harvest
  • The best time to transplant your seedling for optimum growth of roots and foliage
  • How best to water your seedlings (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Do you know exactly what level of moisture you should be aiming for in your growing medium? No… then learn this trick of the trade on page 134
  • How plain air can shock the germinating seed

Weed Germination Techniques

What you do with your seeds at germination can mean the difference between success and failure – and failure can be expensive. To avoid disappointment it’s vital that you get every facet of your germination procedure right; and guess where you can learn to do that? Of course, right here in Ryan Riley’s How to Grow Weed. Good of him, wasn’t it, to make all those mistakes so he can tell you how to avoid them! Of course, it’s not just his own mistakes that Riley draws on for this eBook; he also spent many hours talking to experienced, knowledgeable marijuana growers. And now he’s passing on to you his failsafe method for superior germination rates.

  • So, on page 136 you will learn that soaking your seed is the first thing you can do to encourage your seeds to germinate. And, naturally, you’ll find out exactly how to you should go about this important task in the Soaking the Right Way – Step-by-Step section
  • Then there’s the soil growers’ secret method of augmenting the marijuana seed germination rate in soil-grown crops
  • Can your weed seeds have too much of a good thing? Learn how not to rot your seeds and deprive them of oxygen
  • Now here’s a neat trick… there is something you can do during the germination process that will maximize the number of female plants you get
  • Germinating in soil? Go straight to page 138 to learn the paramount germination process for this growing environment; a process that will also allow you to work out to the day exactly how long germination will take
  • What about a method of germination that works every time? Yes, of course, just go to page 139.
  • Remember sprouting cress on a paper towel when you were still at school? You can do much the same thing with marijuana seeds just as long as you know what you’re doing. You will know exactly what you’re doing after reading the information on page 140
  • You even get an illustrated step-by-step guide to the paper towel method, so there’s no real chance of failure (as long as you follow the steps and don’t just glance at them)
  • Learn how to avoid damage to the delicate micro-roots that can happen when you remove the sprouts from the paper towel. This type of damage can lead to the dreaded hermaphrodite plant, so this is an important consideration
  • It’s strange, don’t you think, that unless they have an experienced teacher alongside, most newbie weed growers make exactly the same mistakes. Think of How to Grow Weed as the experienced teacher and avoid the downright dangerous mistake that the majority of newbie growers make during their first germination
  • The problem is that the very thing your seeds need to germinate, a warm and moist environment, is also the very thing that is vital for the growth of mold and fungus! On page 141 you’ll find out how to recognize the problems the minute they occur – and eradicate them.
  • Germination method number 4 involves the use of a peat briquette – again you are provided with a foolproof illustrated step-by-step guide to hold your hand as you work through the process. Page 142 is where you want to be for this
  • More interested in method number 5 – germinating in Rockwool? The idiot’s guide to that is on page 143
  • The sixth germination method is a secret but, needless to say, it results in the rapid germination of a highly successful crop. If you go to page 145 you’ll see it’s quite a simple process too!
  • Now, if you’re feeling really daring, you need to go to page 146 of How to Grow Weed; that’s where you will find a process that guarantees a 100% success rate and intense early growth…
  • And don’t do that newbie thing of constantly checking your seeds – find out why this is a dangerous habit to adopt on page 147
  • So, if simply checking your marijuana seeds out is a bad thing, what exactly should you be doing for them in this critical first phase – you need to get How to Grow Weed to find out
  • And, again, if simply looking in on your weed seeds is bad for them, how will you know when it’s time to move them to a new growth medium? You’ll find the answer on page 147
  • Learn how to avoid transplant shock, which will kill your baby seeds stone dead. This is a common experience among new weed growers; why not profit from the experts’ experience? The answers are out there, and most of them are in How to Grow Weed
  • The Cannabis Lifesaver Multiple is a comprehensive, in-depth guide giving the Top Ten Reasons your Cannabis Seeds won’t Germinate. This guide is waiting for you on page 150

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